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  1. Lively, Hi. As I intend to be present in court should it come to it, I have not sent a letter of draft proceedings. I have sent copies of all bank statements though with all charges claimed for highlighted. As yet I have not heard a thing from the court nor ****. I'm lifted everytime I read of more Lloyds cases being settled, but then get slightly annoyed that mine hasn't been settled yet. No doubt, **** and Lloyds, in true form, will hang it out to the very last second. Good luck with your claim.
  2. Gary, thanks for the quick reply and the excellent assistance you give. Yes, if it does come to it, then I shall be attending the hearing. Do you think that Lloyds will be true to form and settle? but if they don't and I do end up attending court, will I be able to claim costs for loss of earnings etc?
  3. Gary, If Lloyds and **** don't settle prior to my prelim hearing on Aug 14th, I WILL attend court and therefore do I need to send the letter with notice of directions?
  4. Hi, I've read on here, but can't remember on which thread, about something called 'self litigation fee'. I would be grateful if anybody could please advise me on exactly what this is and how does one go about claiming it. For instance, do I write to **** and advise them to add this fee to my claim? or do I claim it at the court? Many thanks in advance for any assistance.
  5. In the absence of replies, do I take it that I am the only one who has a hearing on this date and at this venue????!!!!????
  6. Hi all, I've got a court hearing in Cardiff on 14th August. As yet, the letter advising me of the date is all that I have received. I therefore contacted the court to ask if I need to prepare the 'court bundle' and I was told that I don't need to supply any further imformation at this stage, as they will refer to what I wrote on the AQ, which was as per the template from here. Has anyone else got a court hearing in Cardiff on 14th August? and if so, have you had to supply any further evidence? or are you in the same situation as me? I'm thinking of forwarding photocopies of my
  7. Thanks nestie. one question though, who has, and how have they told you that you are about receive a settlement offer?
  8. wow! if I do end up having to go to court, I hope mine is as painless.
  9. Madhoose2007, thanks for that, feeling a teency bit better now. Congrats on your win. How did it go in court? I mean, what sort of things did the judge ask? How much info did you have to take with you? I guess thats whats worrying me the most - not wanting to mess up with paperwork and questions. Oh well, a bit more patience required then. thanks again
  10. Hi all, I have had a claim going with Lloyds TSB since January for about £1400 including the interest and court fees. To date, I have a court hearing set for the 14th August. I've phoned the court and they don't require any further imformation (bundle). I've phoned [problem]/****, and they won't discuss anything over the phone, quoting that their client has instructed them not to settle in ANY case ... yeah right! My request is mainly for reassurance, as I'm getting a bit scared now, particularly in the light of the recent adverse rulings from maverick judges. Do I just sit b
  11. Hi, I'm in the process of claiming (including interest and court fees) about £1400 from Lloyds TSB. My claim has been running since January and I have a court date set for August 14th. In light of the recent Kevin Berwick failure (success for Lloyds), I'm getting a little anxious as to whether Lloyds will settle or actually go through with the court hearing. Should the worst happen and I do end up going to court, what do I need to prepare? what evidence should I take? If there is anyone out there who could give me some advise, it would be gratefully appreciated. many thanks
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