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  1. Help!! I had a baby 2 weeks ago and moved house amongst many other things and after catching up with the backlog of mail have found that the last date for filing with the court office for my allocation questionnaire with the fee by the 13th July... There are 2 cases against Lloyds (both under £1k) and looking through the paperwork I had a notice that a defence has been filed for BOTH but the allocation questionnaire for only ONE. I don't know what this means - does this mean they've been struck out and I've had it or can the court/judge apply leniency in some circumstances?
  2. Bill K I'm not very good at this - don't know how to PM you directly but one of my threads somehow showed one of yours as a similar one i.e. acting on behalf of someone else? Could I ask you to have a look at my thread of the same name and shed some light/advice/tips. I'm so confused it's unreal! Are the cases ever likely to be heard in your experience (lloyds tsb)? Much appreciated!;-)
  3. Thanks Michael - my sister and my Dad are both capable so it looks like they'd have to be present. My sister will have to fly over from Ireland and my Dad from Wales though - extra costs. Do you know the likelihood of a hearing actually taking place? At least I can then warn them in advance. The cost of travel may well exceed the charges they are trying to claim so they may decide to abandon it for the hassle. Oh well - I was only trying to help them!!
  4. Hi Michael and Rooster, Thanks for the advice but which one of you is right? I have official letters of authority (forms supplied by Lloyds TSB) signed and dated by my dad and sister, photocopies of which I'm enclosing for all correspondence with the bank Will these suffice for the Court - and do they need to be present? Michael, you think yes but Rooster you don't think this will present a problem. Is the likelihood of getting to court a real possibility - reading around it seems that this is as remote as getting struck by lightening! Thanks again!
  5. Hi all, I am claiming on behalf of my Dad and sister who are based geographically some distance from me. I was going to submit their N1 to the local county court - but will I appear for them as I have a letter of authority signed by them to act on their behalf as far as the bank is concerned i.e. to gain statements, issue LBA etc but what happens when it gets to court? Do they have to travel up in case they have to appear or will I suffice as their representative? If so, what do I have to do? (If not, I could put the court claim in at the court nearest them) Further co
  6. Hi, I'm expecting a baby in 5 weeks and am moving house in about 4!! (Glutton for punishment or what!!). At the same time I'm doing about 5 different (accounts) bank charges claims against Lloyds and Halifax - all at different stages. Some at non compliance with the DPA (LBA), Some at LBA stage, Some at N1 POC stage. Thing is, how do I go about managing my change of address - do I need to write a letter involving all departments of the bank corresponded with plus the court informing them? What kind of proof do I need to send? I'm going to use the Royal Mails redirection se
  7. Thanks so much Chloe Jane - most helpful indeed! You're a star! One other thing - reading through other threads on the forum, most Lloyds claims take it all the way to go.. I'm moving house soon (4 - 6 weeks)- therefore my home address is going to change smack bang in the middle of all this further adding to the confusion. Does anyone know if I have to amend my details and if so will this jeopardise/confuse everything or can I just keep my old address as I'm using the Royal Mails redirection service for 12 months?
  8. Hello, Claiming charges against Lloyds for me, my Dad and my sister is proving incredibly daunting! Can anyone help? Dad Sent off letter of authority (i.e. saying who I am and that I'm dealing with his claim) with the S.A.R. enclosing a £10 postal order on 4th April. Dad received a standard letter acknowledging his request on 9/5 with printed statement entries going back to September 2001 which he fowarded to me. Letter said if further statements are required, they need to access archived data and he has to request this further and they've taken the £10 for this service accordingly
  9. Quick question - if it does go to the allocation questionnaire stage - how long do I have to put everything together? Do I need to prepare now just in case?
  10. Thought I'd give an update. Had the documents from the court saying that the claim was filed on the the 28th Dec, and sent to the Defendant by first class post, so deemed served on the 30th December. They have 14 days, so they have to reply before the 15th so now it's the waiting game......
  11. Hi, Since starting my claim - I've been asked by my Dad and my sister to do theirs for them! Obviously, it would make things a lot easier (as they are based in different parts of the country) if the statements/correspondence etc were sent directly to me. Does anyone know if this is possible? Is there a template letter anywhere for this purpose? N.B. My Dads is a business account - can I still follow the same procedure?
  12. Update... Filed claim today - told that it probably won't get served until after Christmas now. I'll get notification by post. What happens next? Do I hassle them by telephone after it's served - does this help?
  13. I've rejigged and added bits for those that are interested as I noticed that the template for the hard copy of the N1 does not include:- a) S.A.R. £10 fee b) the fact that the defendant is already aware as they have had a list of the charges applied c) the supply of goods and services argument d) daily rate at ?.?? per day Elsewhere on the site it says the above is essential so I've amended the hard copy as follows... Particulars of Claim The Claimant has an account ??? with the Defendant which was opened on or around ????. During the period in which th
  14. Sorry if I'm being dense, Vampiress.. Does this mean that the claim can be over £5000 if the inital amount is not over this amount but is if you include the contractual interest? If so, why did Sarahpp's (further up the thread) get knocked back? Anyone?:idea:
  15. Thanks Angi! Anyone know if you can claim the S.A.R £10 fee back as well? Do I add this to the P.O.C and adjust the final amount accordingly?
  16. Apologies for typos i.e.calim and interst. Typing too quick and not checking.. Doh!
  17. Hi - me again (by the way Westy, what's wrong with monkeys anyway....!! ) I've been looking through the Lawpack and found... 'You cannot sue for an amount larger than £5000 using the Small Claims Track in the County Court. IF you believe you entitled to more than £5,000 you can voluntarily lower your claim to £5,000 so you can use the Small Claims Track. This may be advisable, for instance, if you think you have a claim for £5.200. Here it may be wiser to sacrifice the additional £200 for recovery without legal fees. The £5,000 limit does not include any sum you claim for interst und
  18. Hello, I've gleaned loads of information from these sites and after some time... I'm ready to put in my N1's! I have 4 separate ones for 3 bank accounts and 1 Visa but I'm going to use this version below with the individual account details on each. Could someone cast an eye over it per-leeeeaaaasssee!! Also, any tips greatfully appreciated... N1 – Final Version Cut and paste into N1 pdf and print 3 copies – one for myself, one for the court and one for the defendant. Same for schedule of Charges. In the - ***** County Court Claimant – **** of ******. Telephon
  19. Woah Michael!! I've just read through your thread and am seriously impressed. Also, completed the Mindzai spreadsheet and one of my claims has jumped from just under £3k to £5114. (Isn't the limit for small claims £5k?) Seriously tempting stuff! Only thing is - you seem sooo articulate and clued up legally about what to do.... and seem fully prepared for a day in court. This frankly terrifies me and I'm going to have to mull over whether it's worth taking it on as there are warnings all over the place about knowing what you are doing if you go down the Contractual Inte
  20. Thanks Michael, Does anyone know if there is an LBA template letter INCLUDING contractual interest available? If not, what should I add to the standard template letter? Do I mention the previous LBA letter too? If you look at my timescales I'm way behind - this won't affect my claim will it? Sorry for all the questions - it'd be awful for me to do something wrong at this stage!! Plus I think the answers may be useful for many others thinking of doing the same at my stage. Thanks again!
  21. Hi, Am in two minds about claiming the contractual rate of interest. I think I'm not alone in thinking that there is an absolute mine of information on this site, but many of it conflicting opinions, views etc and to little ol' me... a tad confusing to say the least! So.. Has anyone actually won a claim for contractual interest? Does it definitely mean a day in court? If you haven't claimed for any interest in your Prelim or LBA (if you claim 8% it states clearly NOT to mention this until your N1/MCOL stage) like me, then is it too late to add at the MCOL stage?
  22. Thanks Glenn - you're a star! Don't suppose you know... Contractual interest - is that just for my credit card claim? I have 4 claims - all Halifax - 3 bank accounts and 1 credit card. I was applying for 8% interest accross all of them but looking through all the threads I'm tentatively optimistic I can scrap this for the credit card and claim their contractual rate of interest instead. If so, where do I find this?
  23. Hi all, I'm now doing the hard copy of the N1 and wondered how to fill it in correctly. I wonder if anyone could cast an experience eye over my application and help me with the bits in CAPITALS? I'm nearly there now.....!! N1 - Hard Copy In the - ????? County Court Claimant – Mr/Mrs ??? of ???. Telephone – ?? Email – ?? Defendant – Halifax PLC, Trinity road, Halifax, West Yorkshire HX1 2RG Brief Details of the Claim – WHAT DO I PUT HERE? Value – DO I PUT 'NOT MORE THAN £5000' OR THE FULL AMOUNT INCLUDING INTEREST? N.b. It may change depending on when
  24. Thanks Sarah - I'll fill in all the N1 form and just fill in the interest amount on the day as suggested! I've used the bank template spreadsheet for all of my claims (one of them is for a credit card) and wondered if this mattered? (They all calculate 8%)
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