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  1. Yes I made a payment on the 27th, and that was looked at favourably. My mortgage payment date is the 29th, so next payment is presumably 1st March, but I will pay it on the 27th as that is payday. It's a relief, although i'm not looking forward to going back to court again in two months time. I was hoping I wouldn't have to, but the main thing is i'm not being turfed out on Friday! Thanks again all - especially Ell-en and newstarter!
  2. An update Went to the court and spoke to the duty solicitor. She discussed my proposal with GE Money's solicitors and they said they wouldn't accept it due to my poor payment history. Went in to the hearing and judge agreed with GE that I had poor history and said that I needed to prove myself so has adjourned for 2 months, and there will be another hearing in two months time or so, to see if my situation has changed and whether I have stuck to the arrangement. Thank you all for your help! I'm off to set up my standing order to GE money on payday so nothing can be screwed up! me
  3. Hello, I put in my N244 with El-enn's blurb on Friday morning, and I have a court date for today at 11.35. I'm aiming to get there for 11. I've got my job confirmation letter as well as copies of the N244 and attached statement. I think I know what to do. Is there anything else that I need? Thanks
  4. Budget Sheet.xlsHere's my budget sheet - can you have a look and see what you think? Is it realistic? I've got to firm up some of the exact balances, so will go through my paperwork tonight.
  5. Yeah the date isn't a big issue, I just hope the bailiffs don't turn up tomorrow morning or anything, that would be horrible!
  6. Hi Newstarter, Thank you for the reassurance, it's really appreciated. It's my pay day tomorrow so I'm going to make the payment to them tomorrow, so at least i've proven I can make the first payment! The mortgage co are horrible, I told them I was going to make the payment and they say "well we won't refuse the money but you do know this won't stop the eviction". I explained that was up to the court, and they said, "well what will your position be if you can't stop the eviction". I explained that I didn't have a magical pot of money, but did want to stay in my home. Ben
  7. I've just had a call from the Mortgage company who has said the eviction date is actually the 4th of Feb at 4.15pm, yet I'm sure my letter says 7th at 12.15. I've just called the court and they've said it is the 4th as well. I'm at work now so will go home and find out in my lunch break, this is quite worrying. I've done my budget, I'm going to aim to get the N244 in tomorrow, so will work on it this afternoon. Ell-enn, I'm sure you are super busy, but is there any possibility you can help me explain things that will sway the judge? Also, on the budget sheet should I include my
  8. Yes, I do. I think it may have been an email though as I was already temping for the council and it was quite informal.
  9. when you say confirmation what do you mean? I started earlier this month. I am sure I can ask my boss to confirm my permanent position and salary on a council letterhead if necessary? Would that do? Thank you
  10. Sorry, I didn't answer all your questions. I didn't use the budget one from this site, but I've found the one from this site now on another thread so will fill it out tonight. Should I send it to you to check if its ok? Can I also download the N244? Thanks, so much, I'd be lost without you guys!
  11. Hi, Thanks for your help. My ex and I split up in march 08, I lost my main contract with the council at around the same time. Since then I have been in and out of temporary work to keep the food on the table My new partner does contribute, by paying for the car loan and day to day household expenses from her part time work, but mostly we keep our finances seperate. Cheers! We have three kids living at home, 6,4 and 1.
  12. Will I have to evidence my earnings? Only concern is that part of my earnings is self employed, so I've just taken an average of what I earn. Will the fact that I have paid one payment help if I pay the full payment + £100 on due date? Thanks
  13. Hi Ell-enn, Thank you for replying. I've now had the date, it is the 7th of February. I've done a budget and can afford my mortgage payment + £100. My mortgage payment is due on 29th January, should I make the extra payment then? Will that look in my favour as I've not made a payment for a year and if it goes before a judge would it look better to have that payment sorted? I do some self employed work in the evenings and weekends, and I should have my payslip shortly for my full time job. The total of these two incomes is what i've budgeted. What is the process? Is the evi
  14. Thanks so much for replying Mortgage is around £220k. House value is probably in the region of £160k interest rate tracks the baserate, it is currently at 4.31% (i think) Spoke to GE money they've said they'll accept a lump sum payment before they consider anything else. They said I should receive the eviction letter from the court this week from their solicitor. I'm trying to get through to the court to see if the date is already been received, but it's engaged. Can I apply to the court before they've applied for eviction or do I have to wait? What do I say in my application, just
  15. Help me! I have a mortgage on a property i live in with my new partner. There is no equity. The mortgage is with my ex. Normal mortgage payment is around £757 (interest only). I've had problem after problem with the mortgage. The arrears currently stand at alittle over £9k, £10k including their fees. Due to losing a major contract with my business 2 years ago i fell into arrears. I went through reposession proceedings and made an arrangement. Arrangement fell through. Mortgage company offered to capitalise the arrears which was sorted. I then lost my job and mortgage company went thr
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