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  1. Hi, Abbey have done this to me also. I sent letter to them back in Feb and had no response. In desperation two weeks ago I sent letters to 3 or 4 people (including Pam SPeed and Dawn Hoyle) and also e-mailed customer services. Was giving up hope and then on Saturday they were sent. Now starting claim for £1,323,40 - this will be my second claim again Abbey!! Good luck
  2. Hi, I have already claimed from Abbey for one account and received £840 the other week. It took until 3 days before the hearing date before they paid up. I have today sent a letter to Abbey for another account asking for all my statements. My question is will they pay up quicker as I have already been successful and they know I won't give in or will I have to go through the same rigmarole again? It took a good 5-6 months from start to finish to get the money before (what with giving them 40 days to reply to SAR, waiting for court date etc.). Any comments would be much appreciated.
  3. Thanks very much for that Sarah - I thought it might be that address, so thanks for confirming that. Happy spending!!
  4. Well done Sarah!! Can you please let me know the address that Christine Cody is at in Abbey. I can't find an address to write to her at anywhere! Many thanks
  5. Can anyone tell me if DLA Piper are still acting for Abbey or not? I have a letter from them stating that all correspondence should be sent to them and have to send a letter regarding my court date. I have no idea now where to send the letter - should it go to DLA Piper or to Abbey and if Abbey then which address should it go to? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  6. HI, I have been reading your posts with interest. I have a court date set for 31 January and am now preparing to send off my court bundle correspondence. Can you just confirm the address I need to write to at Abbey?? Many thanks, Claire
  7. HI, I haven't posted on here before. I filed my Moneyclaim against Abbey a few weeks ago and a couple of days ago received a letter from Abbey offering 50%. Obviously, I don't want to accept this - I would still like to go for the whole lot, but I don't want to jeapordise the whole amount. Can anyone advise me how I should word a 'thanks but no thanks' letter to them. I also received yesterday an AQ form from the court so I need to complete this too. Any help would be very much appreciated.
  8. I started my MCOL on 19th and Abbey have not yet acknowledged the claim. Nationwide acknowledged within the day and I am just wondering if it is usual for Abbey to do this??
  9. Hi Just another question for you - I have received my letter today from Nationwide to say that they are only refunding £428 plus £80 costs (about half what I am claiming) - do I file a judgement now or not? Will I get any correspondence from the court about it if I don't. I have written to Charles Bacon today saying that I will not accept this amount. Any advice would be appreciated.
  10. Well now I am absolutely seething. I have just been home at lunch time to check my post and have got a letter from Nationwide to say that they have refunded the £428 plus £80 costs and this is all I'm getting. What do I do now??
  11. Thanks Dolly - I read your thread yesterday - it's very interesting. I didn't realise you didn't get the whole amount straight away, so hopefully I will get some more coming - I have only had about half so far. Anyway, I have written and e-mailed Charles Bacon today asking for the rest. Many thanks, Claire
  12. I have just checked my account on-line today and they have credited another £80.00 (cash credit) to it. The first payment of £428.81 showed up as a correction. The £80.00 is the amount that I paid to the court and therefore wasn't included in the £890.95 that I am claiming meaning that I am £462.14 (over half my claim) short. They are getting a stiff letter on cardboard today!!
  13. Thanks for that Jacqui, I have read the post and it's very interesting. The only problem is that they seem to have only paid me about 50% of the claim which is a huge amount to be short by. I wouldn't be so bothered if it was only a small amount short - but it's over £400. I'm really worried now that they're not going to pay up.
  14. Hi Silentcharisma - this is the strange thing. The credit shows on my account as going in on 11th September. However, I paid in some cheques on the 12th and got a ministatement and it didn't show on that. It only showed up when I checked on line last night (13th). I have checked again this morning and there is no sign. I wouldn't be so bothered if it was only a small amount short - but it is only about 50% of the claim. I don't really want to go to court!!
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