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  1. Thanks for your reply I have to say my charges are for the cheques I wrote whilst having no money in the bank my wages get paid into the bank every month. I have since taken control and no longer do this. I was charged £30 each cheque after a few months you can imagine how this can build up and spiral out of control. I do know what you mean bp it makes perfect sense it was the charges that made me write the cheques it kind of snowballed. It was only 1 or 2 cheques as a rule sometimes a couple of days before I got paid as I was struggling, occasionally I had to write cheques less than the amount they were charging me from the month previous. Hope I am okay for trying to claim these type of charges back.
  2. Thank you Knellyk for your help I am sending the letter tomorrow. I am just wondering if you dont need to send copies of your statements what does a list of your charges mean or a schedule of the charges,(as suggested you do in the prelimary letter.) as I am a bit confused.
  3. Thank you for that infomation I will now revise my letter and leave the interest out for now, I think you have made an important point thankyou.
  4. Thankyou KnellyK, (where are you up too with yours.) I am asking for £4,891 with the interest but I will be preprared to drop the £891 pounds interest on good faith.:o I have photocopied my statements, (crikey that was a chore and a half about a hundred A4 papers.) highlighting my charges with interest and will enclose this letter. Dear Sir or Madam, Re. Account number: [iNSERT ACCOUNT NUMBER] I am writing to request that you repay all the default charges that have been applied to my account. I do not believe these charges reflect the true cost to [iNSERT NAME OF BANK]. The charges total £[iNSERT TOTAL CHARGE], plus as I believe I have been unlawfully deprived of the money I have calculated £[iNSERT TOTAL OF INTEREST] interest at the statutory rate, the amount the court will award. I therefore ask that you repay me the full amount of [iNSERT TOTAL OF CHARGES PLUS INTEREST]. I have attached a full schedule of the charges and interest with this document. [iNCLUDE THE PRINT OUT OF CHARGES AND INTEREST FROM THE CALCULATOR AND BE SURE TO KEEP A COPY FOR YOURSELF] I look forward for a full response to this letter within 14 days. Yours faithfully, Which will be sent too this address. Pam Speed Business Manager Banking Services Abbey PO Box 1109 Bradford BD1 5ZJ So far so good I hope, I will send it next week with a recorded delivery.
  5. Hi everyone just too letyou know im now in the process of sending my letter too ask for my money back it will be done next week but I will keep you posted.
  6. Just to update you all, I finally took the plunge and sent my first letter off too claim back my bank charges on the 5th march, it has now been 40 days. I phoned the customer complaints to inform them that I had only recieved a years statement so far from the Abbey, they informed me that they will send an email off to remind Abbey, they also stated they have had an influx of customers requesting their bank statements and this might be the delay, and too give it a few more days, I also informed them I will have to report it to the Information Commissioner for a breach, regardless.
  7. I will do I shall not be rushing into anything, I will read everything I can and your links, then when I think I'm ready I will start it all off, i'm off to work now, but have 2 weeks off next week so I might get a bit more pro active. Thanks for the advice.
  8. Phew! you had me then, so I will have to write a letter to get my bank statements of 6 years ago so I will have to look at the templates it is suggested I pay the £10.00 off and use the data protection act. I guess I will have to kick this ball off somehow, could you direct me to the post that explains the first letter I should be sending them, I thank you for your patience and helpfulness and I expect to be having to put in a lot of hard work myself but hard work I will do, to get what I feel they owe me. Thank you in advance.
  9. Now i'm really confused, if it is an offence to write cheques without any funds being in then maybe they could use that for getting out of paying back my charges.
  10. I have usually written cheques just before I get paid. I know I have no money in at the time I write the cheques, but I also know that a few weeks or sometimes days berore I get paid that it will be in the bank so they can recuperate it. I got in the sticky situation where I will write cheques for £60 0r even £20 just before I get paid I cant get back on track because maybe they took out £90 pounds in cheque charges the previous month or more, depending on how many cheques I wrote previous. Iv'e been with the Abbey about 23 years and a couple of years ago gave me a overdraft of £300 pounds which I use. Anyway thanks for getting back in touch with me Karnevil your advice is very useful do you still think I could claim back my charges after I have explained it a bit more.
  11. Hello everyone just one question i'm unsure of, can I claim back the bank charges of £30.00 for each check I write out even if I haven't the funds in the bank at the time I write them out, I get my wages paid in monthly so they always get there money back. Sometimes it can be as much as £90.00 a month if I write 3 cheques, and can happen just before I get paid, this has happened for at least the last 6 years and before, thank you very much for your help in letting me know if I have a leg to stand on I will keep you all updated if I feel I can claim those charges they are rather a lot.
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