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  1. Well the Television is P42S10B, from memory it's a 2009 Model and it's my old Model, I bought it for around £1,000 from 2011 you could only pick it up brand new for about £399 so it's worth right now would probably be less than £100. The Motorcycle itself, is my dads he has owned it since day one, so in reality it is his, he hasn't used it due to his Disability for years, so if they were to take it, it would save him the hassle but that's not the point. It's most likely over 15 years old due to the fact he owned it whilst I was still at Secondary School and I left in 2001, the first part
  2. Just want a bit of advice on the below, if all charges are correct and still stand. I just want to make sure if it happens again in the future for unpaid council tax I know what steps to take, or tell my Mother to take so the debt itself doesn't get bigger. It's happened twice now, my Mother is adamant that she is now paying her current council tax through Standing Order / Direct Debit so there should be no reason why any further council tax will be unpaid. I currently am living back at my parents house and on Wedensday 3rd of April I had a visit from a Bailiff acting on behalf of Ross
  3. Just an update on this... Today I received a letter from CapQuest after not hearing from them for some time saying they've been assigned the debt, same letter as back in December 2011, with the same wording and to contact them by such and such a date. The only bit that is different from the letter in 2011 is that I don't make contact by 23rd Feb 2013 that the account will be passed to H L Legal and that the legal action will increase the amount I owe and will have a detrimental effect on my credit worthiness. So I'm guessing I'm starting the whole process over again even though I've
  4. Fair enough, case closed then I guess.
  5. As far as I'm aware there is no fraud with any of my bank accounts and there nothing on my credit files with any markers or searches from Sky. The only thing I can think of, is when my Grandmother was in sheltered housing we she had social services or someone to that effect handling all her finances for her as she was forgetting things etc so we all decided for her own benefit to have her moved into her own flat so to speak with a housing association that houses older people for her own benefit, then my parents took over the tenancy etc but that I don't think is of any relevance here I th
  6. Nope they won't provide me with a name I emailed a reply to that letter I had stating that it is not myself who owns the 200 account but I confirmed any other account 631x and 631x2 were mine that's when I got the letter back saying that only one Sky account is permitted per household and not per person therefore the name of the account holder is not of any relevance and that all of the accounts have been irrefutably been linked to me personally as well as the address. There isn't anything on my Credit Reports as I've checked all 3 and nothing relating to Sky or the amount is there.
  7. Yes, me too. Already with TalkTalk YouView now so it's nothing major I will just miss out on some of the Box Office Sporting Events which of course I have to view via other means but since Sky have forced me to do this I have no choice. Although I do have a Solicitor firm looking at it for me, since I do their website they said they will take a quick look through it for me since they find it weird themselves that Sky have put the debt it seems on a household rather than a person.
  8. I've had a response from Sky after telling them that the account number start 200 is not mine and I've only had Sky accounts beginning 621 etc. Here is there response and it seems they have decided I'm now liable for the 200 account number even though it is not mine and if so, why did they let me sign up for Sky in 2007 and let me continue pay them until December of last year when my services were cancelled and when I rang up to find out I was told there were previous accounts at my address that remained unpaid, but now they say they have now personally linked them to me so by there wor
  9. My services with Sky were recently cancelled by Sky themselves due to an alleged debt that I owe them. I’ve had Sky since 2007 and it is only now that I’m hearing of this debt at my address for Sky. I gave them a call and they told me there were multiple accounts at my address, this I is correct as I had a previous account that I cancelled. I have recently gone back to Sky with a new account number I said I didn’t need any boxes but they sent them out regardless. But anyway, the account number of the Sky account with the alleged debt of £X,XXX.XX is not mine and the account number starts
  10. Just a little update, I got the following letter from noddle today regarding what I've mentioned. I've still sent off the letters to the Data Controllers though.
  11. I will keep this updated, just one thing I did forget to ask, where would I find all details of the Data Controllers for each company with ease without finding the wrong our outdated information?
  12. Thanks, I'll get all details sorted and get this sent of first thing tomorrow. Thanks for the guidance and assistance.
  13. How would I go about raising the complaint? I'll get print outs and screen shots of the Credit Report now, I'm also due a new monthly report from Noddle in 4 days times so if it still appears I can use that as well? I'll have to order and online report from Equifax and print that out as well as on screen. I take it I would only need to send the pages where this appears. This isn't the first time this has happened to me either, see - http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?327155-3-Defaults-for-the-same-debt-help-and-advice-please which again involves 1st Cred
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