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  1. thinkworking on a casual basis has gone out the window now,just want to try to claim any thing back i can?
  2. not a question that i have had to many holidays but seems unfair they just take it all back with out telling me, found this on acas site, This is taken from the ACAS website: What happens when a worker has taken more leave than their entitlement on termination of employment? Regulation 14 (4) of the Working Time Regulations 1998 states that an employer and worker can draw up a 'relevant agreement'( for example, in the contract of employment) to provide that a worker will compensate the employer, whether by payment, undertaking additional work or otherwise if leave already taken i
  3. yes i had taken 2 wks holiday prior to finishing,my beef is that with no contract of employment (signed) that it constitutes unlawful deductions? and when working on the bank i would have acrued holidays or enter into an arrangement to pay them back as i worked. any thoughts?
  4. hi, my 1st time and need some help.worked for care home and going to full time education,agreed with them to work on the bank during breaks.when last pay slip they had deducted 516 pound holiday pay not entitled to? have been in discusion with them but say thry will not return.they say they gave me a contract of employment but they have not got a signed copy i have no recollection of them giving me one. what if any r my options. any help would be good
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