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  1. its on moneysavingexpert.com
  2. missm

    Please help!

    just send it to the head office, you should start your own thready in lloyds
  3. Sent everything via email to [email protected] lots of people send to Sandy Watt Customer Relations Ground Floor The Forthstone 56 South Gyle Crescent Edinburgh
  4. It would actually surprise me if they DIDN'T close my account. Or at least withdrew my debit card/chequebook facilities..
  5. AND I HAVE!!! 3rd claim here we go... However not in the conventional sense.. Sent letter saying thank you very much for refunding me the charges on Feb 15th, however additional charges have been levied. This would now bring my claim to £xxx. Please refund me the difference within 28 days or its court time. Be interesting to see if they do. I think I may be the only person who has claimed twice, signed agreement twice, and yet gone back for more! (have a really good parachute, therefore not worried.)
  6. the only issue is they seem to pay up and QUICK if you don't claim interest. I sent my prelim on the 30th of jan and had the money in my account by the 15th of Feb. this was my second claim on the same account. only for £314, however my first claim was for £855.
  7. YES the £28 on interest paying current is just the charge for exceeding your overdraft.
  8. yes. send the s.a.r. to your local branch.
  9. PUT IT ALL IN WRITING, send it to them, and make sure you send an copy of the letter to the OFT
  10. OOOOOOO i urge anyone who in on BG to switch, switch as fast as you can!!!
  11. Did you check your voicemail? if they left a message, and you checked the messages it costs you £2 each time. I frequently travel with my t-mobile phone and either turn my voicemail off or change my message to say do not leave a message or face penatly of death.
  12. what sort of interest are you claiming?
  13. doesnt surprise me. NTL sent me a letter stating they were going to default me....if i didnt pay the outstanding balance of £0.00
  14. oh and splitting kittens, you need to take action against barclays to get that default removed. read around and good luck unfortunately Experian can only remove defaults when instructed by the lender.
  15. LATE payments (1) are only kept on file for between 12-36 months depending on how often. I have 1 late payment each with Tmob, halifax cc, and cap 1. Defaults (8) are kept for 6 years I called Experian and they say they should drop off in about 6 or so months (had to take an unexpected trip home early last year due to family emerg and missed a payment on nearly everything when i was gone) however my credit score is still rated as GOOD.
  16. I agree with Mazza, best place to start with a mortgage is a broker... if you can afford rent, most will get you a mortgage with reasonable rent.
  17. mmmm dunno. First claim everything was email, second claim i did half and half
  18. mmm think in this case a missed payment is a missed payment.. dont worry, those come off your credit record within 12 months.
  19. is it a case of your partner having the same name as someone else? that is all i can really think of??????
  20. yep same thing... contact the bank and get the ref number.
  21. not sure about the worldwide credit check mentioned up there... i have horrible credit in canada but was able to obtain a mobile contract, credit cards and overdraft here within a year or moving over.
  22. my first claim it took about 4 days from the time I sent my letter fro funds to hit my account.... this time I have sent my letter back on Saturday Feb 10th but still no funds in my account... i like the 2nd class postage envelope they now include with the offer letters what they are paying in charges they are saving in post!!
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