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  1. Hi RichardM.


    I like your idea of keeping a photo of the readings. It is something I have considered doing for my granddad, as a result of the bother we're having with BG and his electricity bills.


    You are sensible in keeping an eye on your usage and therefore know where you stand.


    Problems arise when the meter is incorrectly read. My g's was misread by a 'thousand' would you believe (the clock type), they claimed this made him vastly in debit as you can imagine, and more than doubled his dd to cover it. Mind you, the increase in dd was preferable to having to pay the deficit all in one and the kerfuffle we might have had to get that back. We've had enough of a problem trying to sort things as it is!


    EXACTLY the same thing happened to me. I can not COUNT how many times I phoned them up and tried to correct this.

    See my post regarding the contact details for Centrica PLC (owns BG), write a well versed letter and make sure you let them know you will switch as soon as the matter is settled.

  2. God they are awful company.. i had one when I first moved to the uk as i had no credit no one would accept me.


    They call you about 8 times a day if you are even a .01p over your limit, and start to call you BEFORE your payment is due... i had mine for about 6 months before i got fed up, paid it off and told them to take a HIKE!

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