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  1. search for threads i have started. i went thru a long saga with BG electricity last year and the only thing that sorted it was a letter to the centrica CEO... his address should be in the thread
  2. well... success for me at least. had a call from bt on saturday and they have waived the cancellation fee plus given me 25 quid compensation... my final bill arrived today and it was £9. all paid up and see ya later BT. PKEA the number that called me was 01793597829. Customer Resulutions team. give them a ring.
  3. unfortunately our new place has never had a bt line installed so they want to charge us 120 for that. I am in the process of trying to find out who provided service to the previous tennant but am having a HELL of a time in doing so. Anyone know who doesnt use BT for line rental? I know its not a cable provider.
  4. SAME BOAT!!! Called today to cancel my line at my just vacated property and was told I owe 170 in cancellation fees. Firstly, I knew I was moving out of that property in 6 months when I 'took out the new service' ie CHANGED MY ADDRESS, so there is no way on gods earth I would have agreed to a 18 month contract. I will watch this thread with interest.
  5. And they have paid up once again. letter recd this am. New smile account all set up and ready to go. direct debits cancelled and moved to new account. this will pay off my o/d plus some... so consider this rbs customer gone! (they will probably be happy to see the back of me )
  6. wow not a peep from them. does anyone have a name i can address letters to?
  7. I did with my first claim and most of my second one. Was nice because I included a read reciept with them.
  8. jelly, you have the patience of a saint! This is going to be a big celebration thread when you finally get whats yours!
  9. should be ok... my other half has lousy credit and we always pass the credit check ok. even after i just moved here and had no credit i passed ok.
  10. Hmm I might try this as well... I recently got a smile account with £500 O/D, I have a current account with RBS with OD of £450... might swap em out back and forth
  11. just a wee point on this- Call centres have small numbers staff working on a weekend, therefore it is HIGHLY likely that the fraudster came thru to the same operator, who probably recognised him from the first security check, which would mean that they were in a way 'less suspicious'
  12. I signed 1, claimed again, and they paid out both times. On claim 3 now
  13. i love the bbc and gladly pay 131 quid a year for the privlige. you dont realise how good you have it until you watch the rubbish, corporation controlled newscasting on North American tv. believe me. its worth it.
  14. Most 0% balance transfers are offered for a minumum of 12 months. That would only be 1 credit check vs. 3 that the banks would make...seems like a no brainer to me?
  15. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/utilities-gas-electricity-water/63456-british-gas-ceo-contact.html
  16. EXACTLY the same thing happened to me. I can not COUNT how many times I phoned them up and tried to correct this. See my post regarding the contact details for Centrica PLC (owns BG), write a well versed letter and make sure you let them know you will switch as soon as the matter is settled.
  17. Thanks Mr.Shed, another question... could we give 2 months notice on March 1st if a break clause is written in or is it at the discretion of the landlord and letting agent? Have to give notice in 2 days, and ideally we want to leave on May 1st rather than April 1st.
  18. hmmm nothing back from GE yet... does anyone have an address to send recorded delivery to?
  19. You can add it to your schedule of charges and just amend the amount claimed when you send your lba.
  20. well applied for a citibank current. have a joint account already as a parachute but would like to have my own if possible.
  21. SEe my post about emailing the CEO, i had the same issue and it was sorted within a few days of over 5 months of correspondence
  22. No, you can only claim things that are CHG. there is a royalties fee every month tho. there is a sticky thread regarding this.
  23. Yep, the claim is filed where you live. if it gets to moneyclaim online you can either use your branch address or the princess street, london address. (check the contacts thread)
  24. If you are the only account holder now you should be refunded all of the charges.
  25. God they are awful company.. i had one when I first moved to the uk as i had no credit no one would accept me. They call you about 8 times a day if you are even a .01p over your limit, and start to call you BEFORE your payment is due... i had mine for about 6 months before i got fed up, paid it off and told them to take a HIKE!
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