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  1. Is there a template letter to send to the onbudsman to complain about a banks attitude. Or over the threst of closing an account etc
  2. Chaps Been a long time since I spoke on here. Have really let this one go again due to lots of family probs, am ready to take them on again now. Am I right to assume I should resend a prelim letter and continue from there?
  3. Good luck,,,,,, not that you need it,,,,you WILL win...
  4. Red death I basically thought about the time i spent each day reading up and preparing, and gustimated that it would be about one weeks work. Never had to show any docs of proof or any working out.
  5. May be a while yet, they seem to be holding out till almost court day.
  6. teebum

    Teebum vs Carboot

    Heard nothing from Cahoot, to be honest had some major life probs to sort out and forgot about it. Am resending the LBA today and getting back on track.
  7. Nothing at all from Nationwide, sending LBA today.
  8. Sent prelim letter today
  9. Who would I send prelim letter to?
  10. teebum

    Teebum vs Carboot

    Sent the LBA with the line mentioning that I had already won against Abbey. As you will see, this claim embodies the same principles as my previous claim with Abbey (Murphy/ICK), Court Case No 6MK03624 , dealt with by Inga Kirkman which I recovered in full. I therefore see no arguable reason as to why this current claim should not be treated in the same manner
  11. teebum

    Teebum vs Carboot

    My thought originally was that if people put there previous victories in the letter the bank may just settle quicker. Court setting president etc.
  12. teebum

    Teebum vs Carboot

    Thanks, was thinking almost the same way with pro's and con's
  13. teebum

    Teebum vs Carboot

    Should I mention in my LBA that I have already won against Abbey?
  14. teebum

    Teebum vs Carboot

    Stephen Shaw Thanks
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