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  1. Hi. My case with Cahoot was stayed 18 months ago. this morning i received a phone call from a company who were called Something Financial Services, claiming to be working for Abbey. What was immediately suspicious was that they used my married name rather than my maiden name which is the name my account was held in. They said that the court ruling meant that i was due to be refunded all my bank charges in full, but a one time payment of £49.99 was to be collected once Cahoot had made the payment. They asked me to confirm my name and address, which i did. I then became suspicious when they asked me for my 16 digit card number. I had no id to confirm they were who they said they were. They said this was for verification, but i no longer use my cahoot card, so they asked me for my other card number. How would this verify my identity? Obviously i refused to give the number! I wonder if anyone else has had similar experiences, and is this a genuine or spoof call?
  2. right. i have the draft order and the other info sorted out. thank you very very much, this is supremely helpful... however and i probably sound very thick... 14 days to produce my a/b/c/d, from the day the court orders it? have i understood that right? many thanks Louise
  3. Thanks very much. I've already made a spreadsheet to calculate the interest, what I really needed to know is what you've told me: I couldn't make out if the o/d interest was in addition to the 8%. think it's time for action now! thanks so much!
  4. Many, many thanks. I was v. confused too! That's really helped. Am also confused about what interest if any to include on the schedule. Up to this point i have put on the 10.6% charged on the o/d by Cahoot. is this right? it seemed only fair to me. i have had no reply whatsoever to my L.B.A. either. ha hum
  5. Hello It's ages since i started my actions against Cahoot. I sent off my lba about a month ago and still have not got my court bundle together. (hectic time with post grad studies). Now, am filling in N1, printing off copies of print out statement from Cahoot, printing out email correspondence from Cahoot. Has anyone included anything else in the bundle (supporting evidence from reports etc etc)? Be grateful for any advice
  6. i'm about to file that LBA but am inclined to write my own version. I think this might have more effect. I'd be interested to know how many people have just sent the library version and how many have written their own... and whether the effects have been any different. I'm going to reword / compose my own letter along similar lines. Good luck!
  7. Hello I'm new here, and have just had second email replying to my preliminary letter. First was an acknowledgement, the second, a rather discouraging "no". Here is the bulk of the text I refer to your letter dated 2nd September 2006 regarding your cahoot Current account. I have taken ownership of your particular case in order to provide a response to the issues you have raised. > > We do not accept that the cases that you mention apply in this situation or that cahoot's charges are unfair under the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999. The object of these Regulations was not price control nor were they intended to interfere with people's freedom to agree the terms of their contracts. > > It is well known that banks make charges and cahoot's charges are in line with those of other banks. The terms and conditions of the account and the charges that apply are clear and fair and were provided to you at the time you opened it. You freely agreed to the terms and conditions and the charges when you opened the account. You were not under any obligation to do so and could have gone to another bank if you did not agree to the charges. Equally, you are free to move your account to another bank at any time if you do not agree with the charges. > > In any event, we do not agree that the charges are disproportionate. The charges are reasonable and proportionate to the administrative costs incurred by cahoot. > > I am therefore unable to refund the charges you've incurred fully appreciating the disappointment this may cause. > > If you need anything further please do not hesitate to contact me. > Kind regards a man from cahoot. Do I respond now?
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