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  1. This is probably the most childish comment going. Have you ever been in a situation where you cant pay your bills as you have to fork out £250 in charges therefore more bills cant be paid then more charges occur. It is a spiral that is very hard to get out of and causes massive amounts of stress. Dont get me wrong I am all for paying penalties or charges if I mess up, but not £35 for going 10p overdrawn now that is robbery dont you agree? In future I think you should tone down your opinion
  2. Hi there, Im posting on behalf of a friend, they purchased a car from a garage around April this year and then a couple of weeks later the engine managment light came on. They then took the car back and this problem was apparently resolved, however now the same fault is back as well as the EBS light and the car cut out a few times. They were given a 3 month warranty with the vehical but have since contacted the garage who are very unhelpful. I was just wondering what her rights are regarding this. Since the car had this fault during the warranty period should they still fix this since it has happened again. Thanks for your help
  3. Hi everyone, I have now had my contract for 5 months and I am having problems with the laptop. I first noticed the laptop was overheating and the fan was running fast all of the time. I would like to point out my background in IT and the problem does exist, I had the laptop sent back to t-mob and they sent it on to sbe-ltd who are an authorised HP repair centre. They disregarded the support call and simply applied a BIOS update. The laptop was then returned and still the problem was present. I then sent the laptop back again and yet again sbe-ltd applied another BIOS update (strange that there were two major BIOS updated in the space of a week) in other words they didn’t do anything to the laptop and sent it back to me. At this point I was furious and again the laptop has been sent back. Sbe-ltd are now claiming that there is no fault with the laptop and since this has been reported to t-mob they refuse to send me out a new one and want 500 quid to cancel the contract. I am now left with a laptop which overheats and this is noted on the HP support forums that this is a fault and t-mob tell me to contact HP myself. I personally don’t see why I should contact HP about the laptop. Do I have reasonable ground to cancel the contract? Also when I speak to t-mob I am passed from dept to dept with everyone claiming that this is not their problem and they can’t deal with it.
  4. Thanks Tifo, I decided to withdraw my case just out of ease as I have too much going on right now. Yeah I know they are difficult, however I read their court info and was very amused as in one paragraph they say how it costs them £27 then another £12.88. I decided not to go to court and face the prospect of loosing as I didnt want them to use my case against others. Again thanks for the response.
  5. He everyone, I have a court hearing tomorrow at 11.30am and its against Citi Bank. Basically I work in IT Support and August and September are our busiest times of the year (its work sleep work). This has meant that I have totally forgotten about my claim and only remembered yesterday. I have not prepared anything and need some advice. After 4 successfull claims I find myself tired of trying to claim back against these companies. I have spoken to the court this morning about my options and I can only come up with two. They are: 1 do nothing and see what the outcome will be - though I dont think it will do me any favours. 2 Drop a letter into the court withdrawing my claim and also notify the defendant Can someone please offer some views or recommend a course of action. Thanks.
  6. Hi everyone, I need some help. My court date is tomorrow, however I dont have my court pack ready. The main reason for this is that I have been too busy with work recently, the months of August and Septmber are the busiest times of year where I work. I now need to know my options, I was thinking I could pop down to the court and cancel my clam and write to citi today letting them know this, my other option is to just do nothing which I dont believe is really an option. Could someone please advise me on how I can reslove this ?
  7. brilliant, any chance you could pm me so I can get a copy or some advice as i have also noticed they do this quite often
  8. groovy, nice to see your in the north east, so when they applied for a set aside you attended court, did you need to take anything with you ?
  9. They are doing exactly the same to me, I dont know why they go to all of the effort in tyring to defend claims because their defence is laughable they just ignore what you put in your particulars of claim and make up what they want, OFT this OFT that, no we want you to provide a break down of how it costs your computer £12 to print out a letter - this is all done by machine, it prints the letter and puts it in an envelope. Madness....
  10. Can I have some help please, I have recieved something from court saying that The application to set aside judgment will take place on 3rd of july @ 3pm in my county court. My question is, will I have to attend this. Thanks in advance
  11. You can claim them back and you will need to send a S.A.R which is a subject access request letter, this can be found in the templates library and this should be sent with a £10 cheque.
  12. I dont think so but abbey have been using the birmingham case lol
  13. Hi everyone, any chance of some help as this is the first time I have become confused with any of my now 5 claims, 4 of which have been settled. I recieved a letter this morning from MCOL which goes on to say Dear Sir/Madam Your reply to the County Court Claim is returned for the reason(s) indicated below - It is unsigned - N9A/N9B must be signed by the defendant in person - It was recieved outside the 19 days permitted. Judjment has been made against you. If you are disputing this action please complete the form N244 attached and provide a £65.00 fee. Cheques or postal orders must be made payable to "HCMS". If you are on income support, jobseekers allowance or family credit, you may be eligible to apply for an exemption form. - Please clarify if you are admitting, disputing, or partially admitting the claim. - Please specify the amount you wish to counterclaim and submit the appropriate fee as per the attached fee list, made payable to "HCMS". If you are on imcome support, jobseekers allowance or family credit, you may be eligible to apply for an exemption of the fee. Please also find enclosed an application for fee exemption form. - Other: Please state claim number and resubmit. Please return thie form when you re-submit your response to the claim. your faithfully, blah blah All of this was submitted with a copy of Citi's bog standard defence of which I have seen many times on this site. I am really stuck here as it looks to me like it was maybe meant to be sent to them.
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