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  1. Got the spreadsheet. Whilst putting them into the spreadhsheet, Ive noticed most of the 28 pound charges are 'account maintenance charges' just to double check - I can claim these back cant I??
  2. OK finally got my statements sent through again and I need to do this spreadsheet thing so I can send it to the sherrif court - does it have to be a spreadsheet as Im not very good with excel or can you just list the charges with the date beside it? If it has to be a spreadsheet - can anyone send me their copy and I can chage the figures/dates in it?
  3. I know but Im sitting here diddling my thumbs whilst waiting for these statements to come through so I might as well try something rather than do nothing? See if they'll cough up the full amount if they see im serious about going to court. Aaah its worth a try, Ill send it off today and see how it goes
  4. Good stuff, thats the one I filled in. Any chance I can email you it so see if its been done correctly? Dont want anything else messed up, Ive made a pigs ear of it as it is!! Sooooo, should I send a copy of the claim form to BOS and say if I dont received a full refund in 7 days, Ill be sending the claim to the courts? Might as well chance it while Im waiting on those statements anyway as I cant send papers to court without that bloody spreadsheet of charges!
  5. Quick question - that N1 form is different from the one printed off from the courts website which says 'Form 1' Summary Cause Summons Which one do I use?
  6. Received a letter when I got home yesterday offering me 668 pounds. Shall I reply declining it, enclosing a copy of the claim form or just go straight ahead with the claim? Time is not on my side - Im outta here in 7 weeks! Lets say for talking sake I sent away my claim to the court today - how long roughly would it take for the hearing date?
  7. Good idea, might as well do that whilst Im waiting for the 2nd lot of statements to come through. Sent 3 emails to them ([email protected]) as well and got no reply but got 3 read receipts..........hmmm....... Funny how when the tables are turned they dont want to know!! If it was me owing them 1300 I wouldnt hear the end of it.
  8. No response to my letter sent 2 weeks ago declining the offer of 222 pounds. I called the fife number to ask if anything had been sent to my old address (moved house recently) and was told by the operator that nothing had been sent after the last letter from Elaine Brown offering 222 pounds back. So Ive no choice but to take this to court now, grrrrr, they had to make me fight it all the way and Im leaving the country December 1st for a year!
  9. Great, so they have to pay the money to the account you requested or is there any chance of them refusing and crediting it to the overdraft?
  10. OK Im in the middle of claiming back 1321 pounds from BOS. I have 2 accounts with them - the current account which Im claiming the charges back from (currently 1100 overdrawn from 2 years ago, which I was paying back at 30 pounds per month till I started my claim) and my other current account which I now use for my wages/withdrawls. If/when they do refund my money in full - will they do it to the overdrawn account, therefore only leaving a balance of 221 pounds or can I ask for it to be refunded to the account I use every day, as Im going travelling in december and 1321 would REALLY help me out as Im struggling to save Ok it wasnt that quick a question but does anyone know where I stand? Thanks.
  11. Thanks, Im sending the letter off just now
  12. OK and fill in the acceptance form? Not sure if I should incase they write back and say ok you accepted the 222 by sending back the form and thats all your getting kind of thing! So just write them a letter telling them I'll accept that as part settlement and if this is not viable, ill be proceeding to court? Thanks Mairi
  13. bump no advice? if im going to post them a letter, need to do it in next hour! any help would be greatly appreciated!
  14. Havent sent away the court papers yet but got a letter from the bank on Friday offering me 222 pounds back. Shall I reply declining the offer and tell them they have 7 days to offer me a full refund of 1300 pounds or I'll pursue it through the courts, or shall I just go ahead & send my papers away to the court? Im thinking maybe the former option because I kinda messed things up a bit and dont have the spreadsheet of charges to send to the court, which they are requesting I send with the claim papers (should of made a photocopy before sending them to bank) and have had to request my statements all over again so I cant really do anything till I get those anyway. Any advice would be much appreciated At least we're getting somewhere now!
  15. Hi, PM sent thanks, if you cant get back to me today that would be fantastic- keen to get the ball rolling asap as Im leaving the country December 1st. Sjones - read the post I made above - just visit the scotcourts website and download the relevant form (info above) fill it in and send it away
  16. I called the courts to see if they could post me out the claim forms and they gave me this site to download the forms from Scottish Courts Home Page Im assuming its the 1st one I use? Search Results The lady said you can claim up to 750 through small claims or up to 1500 through something else, cant remember the name of it. Printed off the forms to fill out but Im completely hopeless at these things,dont know where to start! Aaargh
  17. OK its now 1/9 and still no reply to the LBA Go ahead with the claim?
  18. Thanks for the advice! LBA sent today, special delivery!
  19. Thanks for the advice! Ive printed off my LBA and will be sending it today. Sorry I got mixed up with prelim letter and LBA earlier!
  20. The account was passed to Westcott a few years back but Im paying that each month. Surely that wont make a difference to getting my charges back? If I do get the total amount back - that would pay off ALL my debt with the bank and Id still have a few hundred left over. So now that Ive sent that letter asking for my charges back, and they havent responsed positively- the next step is to file the claim? Can someone help! Thanks
  21. Thanks! Ive aready sent my prelim letter asking for the charges back though....this letter seems to be different to the standard fob off? I dont think the fact that its with a debt collection agency should make a difference though, they owe me the charges back and thats that - Im paying that debt off each month.... I'll give them a call tomorrow and tell them I want everything done in writing. Not sure what the next step is though....they have my prelim letter, so the ball is in their court now Any further advice would be appreciated x
  22. OK got a reply from the bank today - any advice. Im still paying off this debt (currently at 30 quid a month) ------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Miss Ahmed I refer to your complaint received 3rd August 2006, naturally I am concerned tbat you have found cause for complaint and at the outset please accept my apologies for the inconvenience this has caused you. It is my understanding that you are unnhappy with the service you have provided especially in regard to the charges on your account. Unfortunately this account has been migrated to a debt manager in Rosyth and you are urged to contact them as soon as possible at 0870 240 5138 to work out an arrangement on this account. I have enclosed a copy of our complaints leaflet, which expains our procedures. Shoud any of your concerns remain unsoved please let me know what you'd like me to do to put matters right. We are keen to resolve your concerns, if we're unable to do so, we'll provide you with details of how you can contact the Financial Ombudsman Service for assistance. If I do not hear from you in the next eight weeks, I will assume you are satisfied with our response to your letter. Yours Sincerely, Mark Slinger Customer Care Manager Retail Bank Collections ------------------------------------------------------ What now?! I dont want to contact anyone by phone, I want it al done in letter
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