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  1. Yes....the reason for the unanswered questions perhaps?........I calculated my charges wrongly.I included ordinary account charges. I also forgot about the £750 goodwill payment when calculating the difference!!......so yes nicsussex..... But hey I've been muddled, and right on the verge. My life,like many of you,has been hell,so sorry for my thread
  2. jansus and Gary.......a represensitive solicitor from the area(not a Lloyds person) turned up "from Lloyds" and we came to an agreement before the hearing.So had to inform the judge who wrote out an agreement/statement that we signed
  3. Well I wen't to court yesterday and came to an agreement. Lloyds are settling in full!!!! Phew,thank goodness it's all over.......a little rest then on with the next LloydsTSB claim!!Thank you greatly for all your help,and hope everyone beats the buggers!! By the way the judge said my "bungle" was very helpful......pat yourselves on the back CAG
  4. ok thanks Gary.I'm due in court 10 am Tuesday so I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for everyones help xxx
  5. No they have not paid in full. So I need to go to court to claim outstanding amount?
  6. :o Oh deary me SC&M were correct!!!! What do I do now? Write to them and claim the £823.83?? I'll need to inform the court,but they haven't settled in full....... Otherwise YIPPEEEEEEE!!!!! I'VE WON!!!!!!!
  7. Thanks Gary for your help.Yes I intend to go to court as ,even if they are correct, they have estimated £1,903.83 including interest but not court fees. They paid £1,200 into my account so I reckon they still owe me at least £823.83.
  8. thanks ukaviator and nicolefrenzy. Yes I'm going to check my charges this afternoon when I get rid of this fuzzy head!!! I think I may have put in some account charges by mistake as I calculated it before discovering this fantastic site!
  9. Anyone able to help?.........even a hello would be lovely!!!
  10. please!!! Has anyone encountered this!!!?? I'm due in court on Tuesday! Could really do with some support in the Newcastle area!!....kisses galore for ya!!!!
  11. Clicking on internet banking yesterday I found £1,200 in my account Today I recieve a witness statement from [problem] saying I have miscalculated and instead of what I claimed £3800 less £750 partial payment they "found there to be a total of £1777.00(exclusive of interest)in charges applied to the above account" They then say that they make it charges £1777.00 Interest £126.83 Total £190383 nothing adds up!! I'm due in court on Tuesday 12th june!!!....Help/advice please!!!
  12. Hi remus,I hadn't really got it together until the other day .When I first posted on here I just wasn't coping at all but you Pen and others gave me such good advice I have hope now!!! I've made mistakes though.....just realised I haven't "highlighted" the relevent charges on the copies of statements in my bungles! Have just been reading about Pen's experience.She must be gutted!!Hope you are getting there
  13. Hello remus! I started my claim with mcol so paid the initial fee,but then put a claim in for exemption for the other one.It is to be heard at Newcastle upon Tyne thankfully People in Birmingham must be so worried. My two "bungles":D have already been posted and included everything that is suggested on here (plus T&C) so I hope they'll be ok.Thanks for your continued support hun.How are you doing?
  14. Phew.....thanks everyone.My head is feeling clearer now. I've filled in forms to open an account at another bank,and sent off letters to ask for payment by cheque. Fingers crossed!!
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