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  1. It's a nice idea...I will have to think about it. Can I PM you tomorrow?
  2. This morning I received four envelopes from HSBC, containing copies of statements from July 2000 to July 2002. There were no notes, or any explanation as to why my request was only partially completed. Is this normal practice?
  3. It would seem so. There are quite a lot of examples of this sort of error around the forum. One of the most popular reactions has been to send a strongly worded letter to your MP, highlighting the fact that in these times where identity fraud is a major concern, it is alarming that banks can still be so careless with personal information.
  4. I would still suggest opening another account now, whilst you are still able to. Looking around it seems that the easiest one to open is a CoOp Cashminder account, although I am sure others are just as easy to open.
  5. That's okay, it's a minor thing. As you say, they probably don't have information older than this, so are there any general guidelines on estimating the charges that have been taken? I would like to start calculating my charges as soon as I receive the information from the bank, and being prepared now would be sensible. Amber.
  6. Sorry - I was under the impression that a full disclosure Subject Access Request obliged the bank (or data controller) to provide ALL information that they hold on you, however far back it goes. I agree with you when you say that they are not obliged to hold data for more than six years, but if they do hold it then I do not see how they can withold it. This surely defeats the point of making a full disclosure request. I will go and read more about this point on the Information Commissioners site, but I am pretty certain that they MUST provide it if they have it.
  7. Hi Spiceskull, I can see you are trying to make a claim against HSBC for charges going back more than six years, and also because you don't have statements, that the claim is estimated. I am in a similar position, or at least I don't believe I will get the statements from HSBC. Can I PM you to discuss what you put in your letter. I don't want to get it wrong, and reading around the forum it seems that you have a reasonably good grasp of how to deal with HSBC. Amber.
  8. I agree - the acceptance was in full and final settlement of your claim. That aside, you are prevented from signing away your rights to future actions. As for the charges, I think Spiceskull had a letter that stopped all these. Have a look at his thread.
  9. I think that Spiceskull had an effective letter to stop charges being applied - you could check his thread.
  10. Okay - I have had more time to look round the HSBC forums. Something tells me I am going to be disappointed if I am expecting statements, notes and transaction history going back further than six years. Has anyone actually had this information, or is six years a figure HSBC are sticking to? And if that is the case, has anyone made an estimated claim against HSBC, and if so, what was the bank's reaction?
  11. If the information that they gave you was wrong, that the cheque had in fact cleared, then you could ask them to explain in writing what went wrong. As you say, your other half was told that the cheque would be cleared, the machines told you that the cheque would be cleared, but now they tell you that it wasn't. The banks insist that we "manage" our accounts properly - not very easy when they keep giving us the wrong information. As was mentioned above, if you had made this glitch you would have been charged £35 - why don't you invoice them for a similar amount?
  12. Milamber

    What next

    You need to work out what penalty charges they took from your account, and also the interest that they took on those charges. You can do this with the spreadsheets found in the library section. You then need to write to your manager with the preliminary letter, and ask them to pay it back. That letter, or rather a template for it, is also in the library.
  13. You should write to them, and make a Subject Access Request under the DPA, asking for ALL information and notes that they hold on you and your wife. It would be good to understand how they had the debt in the first place.
  14. It would seem from reading around that you could always send a reminder that they have seven days left to comply with your request, although you are not obliged to do so.
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