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  1. halifax have settled and quite quickly too compared to lloyds. basically, they phoned up, made a low offer to which i refused. i then said i'd accept 90% of the ammount to which they aggreed. another happy customer. thanks for everybodies help and thanks to this wonderful forum.
  2. Yahooooo. Lloyds have settled in full (including costs & interest) only just got in by the skin of my teeth though with 3 days before the high court announcement came out. thank you to everybody who helped and thanks for this great forum. power to the people!!!
  3. ok. got some t&c's from 2004 with the relevant sections in them and also got 3 copies of statements..... took me the best part of 6 hours to get all this together so if anybody has to do it, do it in plenty of time. anyway its already and its been sent to scm via recorded and gone to the court. now lloyds have to get me their bundle by monday. now lets assume that they are gonna take it all the way. is there anything on here that shows you how to present your case eg i refer you to this sections etc and how do the courts run eg the claimant may now speak.... objection m'lud? or have i been watching too many movies?
  4. Hi again, ok, i've made up 3 bundles each from the basic court bundle and included my charges and witness statement. i've also added mcnamara, bbc commission report and the ozzie one. the only thing i haven't included yet are the banks t&c's. i take it i don't need the orignals eg when i joined the bank 20 yrs ago? haven't the t&c's changed since then? i've also only got 1 set of statements as opposed to 3 sets of everything else eg charges calculations. do i need to copy these statements? all numbered, seperated as instructed. what happens now. do i ask the court to strike out the banks defence if i don't receive their bundle in time?
  5. hi again. this is taking its time. i've now got a court date of 8th august 2007 as the court is inundated with these cases. the court order says that: "each party will deliver to the other party and the court copies of all documents on which i intend to rely on in the court hearing no later than 22nd june 2007" now, obviously with the recent cases going against claimants due to sloppy bundles etc, this is causing me concern. i would like to get everything right with this as it has took its time due to the stay being ordered. so can anybody point me in the right direction or tips? thanks louis
  6. thanks for your help. obviously, as stated in your helpful threads, lloyds haven't replied within the deadline. i contacted the court on the day of the deadline via letter and told them that lloyds hadn't even bothered to reply to 2 of my letters. now what happens and how long do i have to wait?
  7. ok, that letter did the trick and the statements have arrived. i've gone through them, marked all the charges and have added statatory interest on top. now, bearing in mind the above ie i recieved a letter from halifax stating "we are very sorry to hear that you are not happy with your bank charges blah blah and we have up to 8 weeks to deal with" the standard letter obviously! now with me receiving this letter, i assume that halifax is aware that i am persuing them for bank charges (along with thousands of others!) based on what i've seen from friends who have had money back from halifax.... halifax never gave them their statements and just sent them a letter with their charges summerised. halifax then contacted them via teephone (applying a bit of pressure eg no interest etc) and got them to settle (which they did) so.... finally to the question: DO i assume that halifax is dealing with my claim (as they did with my friend above) OR do i persue the claim as normal ie bank statements > claim letter etc etc
  8. ok, i've done template 3 and see what happens. thanks for all your help and i'll keep you posted. good luck with your claims. louis
  9. it went to the data protection manager at trinity road, halifax, HX1 2BR by recorded delivery. it was delivered and they replied but outside of the 40 day deadline. the reply was the standard "we are sorry to hear that you are not happy with the bank charges" so they have obviously adknowledged my letter. what they haven't done is give me my statements within the 40 days. how will i know what my charges are if they do not supply the info. they could contact me and blag the figure for all i know.
  10. here goes: on 26-02-07 i applied for my statements via recorded post. halifax then replied saying they had received my letter and i would receive my statements no later than 13-4-07. that time passed without the statements arriving. i then sent them a couple of emails to various people stating that they were in breach of the data protection act and unless they replied to me within 7 days, i would take action. i then received a letter on the 18-04-07 that was obviously the standard reply for bank charges complaints saying they had up to 8 weeks to deal with it. but still i have received no statements. is this the normal route that halifax take? what is my next course of action?
  11. forgive me for being thick here. i've sent a letter to them twice asking for settlement and as stated they haven't bothered to reply. now the stay ends tommorrow (25th april) 1. do i send the "they haven't bothered to reply letter to the court" 2. does it have to be in by the close of day on the 25th april 3. do i just copy the AQ link and amend with my details and attach to letter above? a fast answer would be appreciated as i'm closer to the deadline than i realsied. thanks louis
  12. Hi, just looking at the above again. i have already sent a copy of my statements with the original AQ which i payed £100 at the court house. why are they asking for this again? i have now sent a copy of the above to sc&m and will deliver the exact same copy to the court house on the 4-04-07 with the revised charges ie - £750 is this correct?
  13. hi kipper and gary, you have summed it up nicely there and i am probably nowe on the home straight with this (hopefully) the one question there that remains unanswered is: because i have been charged since i started the action.... can i add the latest charges (up to present day) onto the claimed charges (dating back to nov 07) and then minus the £750? cheers louis
  14. hi, thanks for the prompt reply. lloyds basically credited £750 to my account a month or so ago. i told them i didn't want it but they insisted i could keep it regardless of the outcome of any court case because they were such good eggs. since that time, i've had more bank charges applied to my account. do i: a. have to notify the court of this ie the same schedule of charges but let the court know that lloyds have paid £750 of the original claim b. am i entitled to add the charges i've been charged since i filed the orginal claim and they continued to charge me?
  15. Hi, i've just received my reply from the court after i paid the £100. can anybody tell me what it means as it's totally different to somebody elses issued in the same court. i can't see any court date here's the details: Upon the Courts own motion. The Court has made this order of its own initiative without a hearing. If you object to the order, you must make an application to have it set aside, varied or stayed within 7 days of receiving it IT IS ORDERED THAT 1 The claimant shall by 4pm 5-April-2007 file and serve a particularised schedule of all charges and interest currently in dispute. 2 The defendant if not accepting the sums claimed shall file and serve by 4pm 19-April-2007 a counter schedule. 3 That there be a stay until 25-April-2007 to enable the parties to attempt settlement. 4 On of before 25-April-2007 one of the following steps must be taken, either the claimant must notify the court that whole of the claim has been settled; or the claimant or the defendants solicitors must write to the court requesting an extension of the stay period, explaining the steps being taken towards settlement and identifying any mediator, expert or other person helping with the process. The letter should confirm the agreement of all other parties. or Where a settlement of some of the issues has been reached a list of those issues should be sent to the court and must be agreed with the other parties and must indicate that is has been agreed. or The parties must notify the court that no agreement has been reached and the file to be referred to the District Judge for allocation. Dated 13 March 2007
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