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  1. An apology would be a start! If it was my company and we had mad a mistake I would go above and beyond to make it right. So Yeah, after ignoring me in the hopes I go away I do want money.
  2. Not to false advertise? Despite its lack of apparent usefulness it added value to the car in my eyes, what's wrong in wanting what I paid for? The problem I have is that they haven't even responded to my many attempts at contact, I want some goodwill back for the fact they essentially lied to me to get a sale. Legally do I have any recourse? If not I will drop the matter and use social media to vent my frustration at them ( not that they seem concerned with customer satisfaction! Cheers L
  3. A bit of both dissatisfaction and lossed fuel economy (a lot of city driving so could save a few ££ each year.
  4. Thanks all. I have checked the ford etis site (as per the salesman suggestion) and after further research this particular model (1.25 zetec) doesnt have stop start (ever!) I'll keep pushing them for assistance but at the moment actually getting a reply is proving impossible! I wanted really to know if at this stage it's worth involving a third party (if legally I am entitled to be compensated for this)
  5. Hi All, I purchased a 14 plate fiesta from Evans Halshaw in March. Not being an expert I test drove the car (usual drive around the block), enjoyed it and paid for the car. A week later I was looking at some of the functionality but could not find the advertised stop start function. After discussing with the dealer and getting a copy of the advert emailed over it became apparent that this was an advert error. I have emailed probably 10 times in the past 4 weeks and just keep getting "well be in touch as a matter of urgency" from them but with no real discussuon about
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