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  1. Hi Guys, a quick question - BOS sold or transferred my credit card from themselves to MBNA. All charges occured before this move. Should I target BOS for the claim refund or MBNA? Or both? Cheers! Miss P x
  2. Congratulations Nici Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  3. received statements today .. . Total of £430 charges overlast 5 years plus interest charged on the charges . . total claim is £523 . . .Pre lim in post monday Miss P
  4. Hi there How about contacting the store, explaining what happened and asking them to cancel it for you? Miss P xx
  5. Ok I was talking about compound interest meaning the interest you are charged on the illegal penalties each month which obviously grows and grows every month(hence why i call it compound) NOT contractual interest - the two are different - AND it is NOT taking the pi#s to reclaim money that you have paid in interest due to the illegal charges! and if they dont pay back your charges plus the interest then you register at court and put 8% on top of that. I feel qualified enough to get on my high horse with this one having just received near on £500 worth of compound interest refunded to me. If I have used to wrong word to describe it then I apologise but I know you can get your charges and your interest and 8% on top of both sums of money back. this issue confuses people alot - pm me if you want me to explain further. Miss P x
  6. Hi there I had a similar situation where I dropped off after an LBA I stuck a couple of letters together from here as below as a way to pick it up again and its worked ok for me: ACCOUNT NUMBER: 000000000000000000 Your ref; 000000000000000 Dear ..........................., Thank you for your letter dated ..................January 2007 Please find below my response to some of the issues raised in your letter. You claim that your charges are fair as they are outlined in the terms and conditions of the account. I claim that they are excessive and unlawful, and as you have not provided me with any justification or breakdown of costs for the level of your charges, I find no reason to believe your claim that they are fair. Simply including them in the terms and conditions of the account does not make them lawful. You state that I may ultimately become eligible to refer to the Financial Ombudsman Service This is completely irrelevant as this is a legal matter which I believe will be heard in the small claims court, as the amount I am claiming is well under the £5000.00 threshold for that track. You have offered a sum of £456.00 as a goodwill gesture. I will be pleased to accept £456.00 and would obviously subtract that amount from my impending court action against you. For your information, that will result in my claiming for £447.46 plus costs plus interest. In light of your letter and to enable us to settle this matter without legal action, I have decided to allow you a further 10 days to consider your position. I therefore require, by Thursday 8th March 2007: - A commitment from you that £456.00 will still be credited to my account, in which case my claim will be for £447.46 plus costs and interest. If no such commitment is received by Thursday 8th March 2007, my claim will continue for £903.46 plus costs and interest. A commitment from you by Thursday 8th March 2007, that you will settle my claim for £903.46 in full, in which case I will not start proceedings against you. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours Sincerely Miss Pickles hope that helps Miss Px
  7. Hi smashedbobo, In my experience with barclaycard it goes like this: Pre lim sent requesting both the charges and the compound interest charges on those charges - reply from barclaycard= bog standard "we will be in touch in 28days" I send Lba - reply = "yes madam you have been charged £x we dont agree with you but are going to refund the difference between the £12 and the amount you have been charged for each charge" At the same time the reply arrrives so does my statement showing they have already applied the refund. You then proceed to MCOL for the rest of the charges and the compound interest, and 8% interest. I am at court stage now, have 3 accounts and they have done the above to each account. They will not close your account because of charges - they may if you continue to be over your limit etc, but not only is it worth sending the pre lim and lba off following through to court and including compound interest as well as 8% interest means to me that it wipes out my balance completely! hope that helps Miss P x x
  8. Welcome Tom Make sure you have a really really good read on everything on this site before you even start putting your letters together. Then if you are still unsure you can post your questions and people will be happy to answer them for you. Good Luck Miss P
  9. Hi guys just to let you all know that today I received my final refund from MBNA onto my account - so total refund from them = £1784! Its took a little longer than some due to my personal circumstances but im chuffed to bits to say that IVE WON!!! Miss P x Donation on its way x x x
  10. thanks for that bookworm, Im kicking myself for even thinking about taking the 'you have until April' statement seriously!!! Love Miss P
  11. Hello! I feel like ive been gone forever . . . .In the last couple of months have moved house and changed job .. .things have settled down now so back to the job in hand . . . Finally got responses from Barclaycard and they owe me approx £1300. Now I am looking to file next week but just wanted to ask first - forgive me if its obvious - but i have a second account and i have an account with barclays that i am persuing. Total amount combined is £3700, well beneath the £5k threashold. Should i / can i combine all 3 accounts or is it best to combine the 2 credit cards and leave the bank account seperate? Im pretty sure you can onlyhave one active claim against an institution at any one time, so thought by combining them i could make up for my lost time? What do ya reckon? Miss P xxx
  12. ok been completely ignored! not even a limp half hearted gesture of goodwill! SO now straight to MCOL . . .but due to cash flow issues wont be able to log until next payday in a couple of weeks . . .
  13. ok sent pre lim for £900 to both . . . and both have ignored me! So Lba ready to go tomorrow!
  14. ok been completely ignored . . LBA in post . .roll on 14 days!
  15. Lou - it gets better than that . . .they have completely ignored me! so LBA sent off . . . roll on 14 days!
  16. Hi there, yes am just about to log MCOL . . . . .will post when done . . . .
  17. ok since last post I have sent my LBA and they have responded giving me a full refund of charges. However they are not budging on the interest that I have paid on these charges. So should I MCOL the interest on the charges? The total comes to about £400. Can I do it or am I getting into a sticky spot? Any advice please? Miss P x
  18. wow thats fantastic - congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish I had your luck as they have ignored me and im about to mcol! was it just their standard address you sent it to?
  19. ok update on this . . .didnt receive my info so sent 7 day non compliance letter and guess what . . .received my info! hhurraahh! at long last! And for all that effort I discovered . . .wait for it . . .£60 in charges! Pre Lim going of tomorrow!
  20. They are obviously bogged down with it all . . recieved another standard well get back to you . . .this time they have stated the 26th october . . . not impressed at all . . . they cant even be bothered to look into my claim . . . so roll on 10th october for mcol . . .
  21. Received another bog off letter oh dear not very intelligent are they? as they didnt pay me my £550 my MCOL figure with 8% will be £770, plus court fee! to think they could have saved themselves some money! ah nevermind! roll on 10th october . . .
  22. Hi Nici . . Youve gone a bit quiet recently . . . everything ok? Miss P x
  23. Okie Dokie . . an update . . .received a letter . .well get back to you by 5th october . .bla bla bla . . SO Sent My LBA today!!!!! Miss P x
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