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  1. UK26, I have been in and out of the website keeping tabs on your progress. I think it is excellent that you have taken up the challenge, but it was only a matter of time as people are fed up with the behaviour of the CRA's. My donation of £20 has been sent by paypal. Good luck
  2. You say that If a default cannot be substantiated then it should be removed. In reality that does not happen as the CRA just say you must take it up with the people who put it there in the first place. I know this because with my Barclaycard account it has a default but Barclays have deleted the account so it can not be substantiated. The courts are my only way forward now.
  3. BINGO! It worked the default has now been removed so Experian tells me.
  4. BINGO! I have just logged into Experian to see how my query was going and I have been informed that the default has been removed.
  5. Would the company not have to supply the original agreement if that is the case with all terms and conditions?
  6. From what was said on the posted thread YES. Why else would the CRA be so quick to remove it, but you need to let them know that you know what you are talking about. I have tried the VIRGIN/NTL route like many others which is just a waste of time, The way to do it is to give it a go, because as the CRA,s know the telecom companies are not allowed to enter a default as specified above. If for some reason the CRA refuse to remove it then it is up to yourselves to take it further i.e. to court. I am challenging this very issue at this very moment. PLEASE READ THE THR
  7. You say the only real defaults are issued by the courts, somebody needs to inform the credit industry as these defaults that appear on our files are real enough and are costing me a lot more for a mortgage. The link I placed earlier is excellent as it spells out in simple terms why Virgin cannot place a default on an account. Whether we like it or not they are going to continue doing this unless we continue to fight against them.
  8. I am going to take this from a different angle. On the account there is also a default which I plan to get rid of. They stated on the CCJ request that they had served a default notice on me (which I can't remember). Their solicitors have come back with a list of dates of all the charges on the account. 1 I have sent a request for the copy of the original default and termination notices. (if they do not have one all the better) 2 I will then add their charges onto the account on the dates they have specified. (the value of the default notice will change making the default un
  9. They are correct when they say they are not regulated by the CCA 1974 but this also means that they cannot issue defaults as defaults are regulated by the CCA 1974. Please read thread below:- http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt-issues/118762-virgin-ntl.html?highlight=virgin
  10. Have a look at the thread below, I am in the process of getting rid of a default as well and have challenged it. Let see what happens. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt-issues/118762-virgin-ntl.html?highlight=virgin
  11. Has anybody actually got back the PENALTY INTEREST that Welcome like to add to the final figure when you pay the loan early? I have 2 amounts on the same loan! (I am back and coming for Welcome Finance)
  12. Thanks, thought so but was hoping that wasn't the case.
  13. Well put it this way, if the Cabot forum had started like this we would nod have had the impetus to find out things like how the shadowy Cabot Group of companies are related and why people were confused about who to sue Cabot or Kingshill no.1. i.e who actually owned the debt. Older heads will have more of an idea, newbies will struggle.
  14. Hi, is it possible to have a default and a CCJ for the same account? or is that the same as having 2 defaults for the same account?
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