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  1. Hi Suzy Didn't have to explain myself at all - he was lovely. Just chatted about banks wasting court time. But there was someone in before me who had to give a brief explanation of why he wanted the money - but it was a different judge and his was a really complicated claim - it involved Defaults and he had already had some money paid by the bank. So it really just depends on your circumstances.
  2. Hi We'll see just how long it takes them to put the money into my account. I think they probably have that many cases against them - they can't keep track. They probably didn't even realise there was a hearing yesterday. I'm off to Brighton tomorrow for 5 days (I'm a union rep and i'm attending the Health Conference) - so maybe i should call in on the solicitors and introduce myself :grin: I'll keep you all posted as to when i get the money - and I will definitely be making a donation to the site as soon as i get it.
  3. Hi Guys As you all pointed out - they didn't turn up. The judge was lovely and friendly - we just sat and chatted for 10 mins - mostly about banks wasting the courts time. As they didn't show, plus the fact that they hadn't paid any money into my account - the judge filed a judgement against them. He was really surprised that they hadn't settled before as he said that a judgement is the last thing a bank will want. He said they have 28 days to pay the money - the full amount including the 8% interest. I asked if i could claim costs for loss of earnings this morning and he awarded me £45. I've been told that i have to buy the cream cakes at work tomorrow!!
  4. really worried now really thought they would have settled!!
  5. Nothing from Lloyds or SC&M Just phoned the court and they've had nothing through either.
  6. No money - i've got my account information open and just keep refreshing the page. Looks like i'll be going to court tomorrow!!
  7. Only claimed the 8% interest - which i think is the s69 one
  8. Hi My claim is for approx £2,500 - this include the costs of filing my claim and the Allocation Questionnaire. I'm out straight from work tonight so will check my account before i go out. Deb
  9. Hi Gary I've had absolutely nothing from Lloyds. What exactly do i need to take to court? - is it just the Court Bundle and the extra stuff in the link you provided me with? Deb
  10. Hi John Yes i prepared a court bundle which was hand delivered to the court and sent recorded delivery to SC&M. Like i said in my previous post - I have had no communications from them. I'm at North Shields county court. Debbie
  11. Hi Just to let you know i'm in court on 19th April at 11.00 a.m. and Lloyds have still not settled. I don't expect them to settle until either tomorrow night or Thursday morning. I'll check later on again today and then on Wednesday. If no settlement then it looks like I have to prepare myself for court. To be honest i've not let it worry me as i've never heard of anybody else actually having to go to court BUT i don't want to be the first!! I've had absolutely no communication from their solicitors since i got the court date about 2 or 3 months ago!! When do I apply for costs for taking time off work and preparing the court bundle. Can i claim my hourly rate at work? I'll keep you posted as to what is happening Deb
  12. Hi If you read the two threads thoroughly then they will explain exactly what you need to include in the court bundle and the additional information that you need. The 3 copies are one for the court, one for the solicitors dealing for your bank and one for yourself. The OFT report is the Office of Fair Trading and the report is about the charges imposed by credit card companies. The other Acts are all included in the court bundle link in a .zip file. If you have any problems then PM me your email address and I'll send you copies of the information. Debbie
  13. Hi Would need to have a look when i get home but i think its all your correspondence with the bank, copies of statemements, schedule of charges, OFT report, SOGA (sale of goods acts), 2 other acts which i cant remember the exact names of and evidence to back up your claim. If you have a look at the following 2 threads then you should get all the information and links that you need: Basic Court Bundle Got a Court Date? A guide to the later stages They're both really good and tell you what you need. Deb
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