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  1. Hi f16 .... thanks for that ..... taking a few days off to get my head cleared, and will be then getting organised to go after charges!! Cheers!
  2. Well then ... the bottom line was always about having enough money coming in to be able to repay arrears ... and that did the trick... Court case adjourned and new repayment arrangement in place. Still outstanding a fair whack in charges .... that'll be the next challenge .......
  3. Hi Olive.Family .... many thanks for your kind thoughts ... and good luck with your own situation too. I didn't know Shelter might have a representative there, although I think I recall reading that there might be duty staff there who can assist. Do I have to be in touch beforehand, or are they there on standby, so to speak? I'm still hopeful a last minute inc/exp profile and explanation about employment change might have a desired effect, and avoid court appearance. Lets see ... I'll give any updates as they happen. Many thanks again...
  4. Many thanks f16 ... Yep, big relief today ... at last we are seeing some kind of light appearing at the end of the tunnel! I can't say I'm looking forward to going to Court ... but if that's what it takes then I'll be as ready as I can. Hopefully I'll be able to take some more of this site's good advice with me, and bring back some good news that others might benefit from and be able to use too. Best regards...
  5. OK - just another update / questions ... hoping Ell-enn or someone else might be able to comment back soon?? Hope you have had time to read the above recent posts .... I'm thinking I should write again to the Court and give a revised outline and proposals for settlement... Please have a look through the following points that are of concern, and may need to be included ... 1. Error found on claimant's Particulars of Claim submitted to the Court, regarding our employment status. They have said one of us is "self-employed" (incorrect / untrue) ... Could we argue that it is unfair to
  6. PS ... any others reading please feel free to comment too of course... Thanks...
  7. Hi again Ell-enn. Read the document as recommended ... and reasonably happy that we have given a decent explanation of our circumstances leading up to arrears difficulty, and what our current position is, along with financial statement that shows we can afford normal mortgage repayments, with a little spare, and with notice of an anticipated cash sum that we hope will pay off the arrears in full very soon. I have also just noticed that there is an error on the Particulars of Claim submitted to the Court, and that as a "statement of facts" regarding our personal details, it is not therefo
  8. Thanks for the guide Ell-enn .... I've downloaded it and will come back once I have had a read. Couple of other things come to mind that may be answered by the guide...or maybe I'll ask you again here if not. Many thanks again...
  9. Hi Ell-enn .... yep, we are playing catch up I think now ... it has all happened so quickly whilst dealing with employment and health issues as well as being short of cash. I think we could do another statement for the Court based on the advice in the repossession guide ... although I think I was quite close to the format when I put in my first statement. May be useful to be a bit more precise and quote case law, and give a better explanation about the facts and how we will propose to resolve things ... what do you think? We still have almost a couple of weeks to go to the hearing date, so
  10. Hi Ell-enn - No I didn't .... I'm sorry to say I'm not familiar with that case .... I should perhaps have got to these forums before I had responded, but I thought that the reply box was so small it couldn't possibly require a complex response. Having said that, I wrote a letter outlining my circumstances and attached that to the reply papers. Do you think the Court would be happy to accept another submission by way of additional information in support of my case? Ahhh - I see I do know the case ... about repaying over the whole of the remaining mortgage period? Please let me know
  11. F16 .... what can I say ... many thanks for your input, it is really appreciated! We still have a little while to go ... so hopefully we can get things onto an even keel again and keep the house... Best regards.
  12. Hi F16 and Ell-enn - sorry for the late response, we have been going through a couple of other traumas that have needed attention. The court date is 26th August. we have arrears of around £2400.00, which is about 4 months-worth. We sent in the defence form on the 14 day deadline, and provided a statement as to how we felt the arrears had been caused to accrue, along with our income/expenditure profile that now shows we can actually afford the mortgage repayments, and a little off the arrears. On looking over correspondences with our lender it is clear that they have been obst
  13. Hi F16 ... many thanks for that .... I agree, the repossession is priority now. I can look to recovery of charges later. Many thanks in advance to anyone willing to contribute here....
  14. Ok - next stage .... We have had papers served on us and our lender is taking us to court for possession due to arrears on our mortgage payments .... for which they have been charging us the late payment fee each month, and some other occasions for doorstep visit (uninvited and not wanted) and related solicitors charges. I have all of these charges listed on a CAG simple spreadsheet. On the court reply papers I said yes to the question asking if we would like to court to consider the fairness of our contract, and in our explanation of circumstances I mentioned the "late payment fee"
  15. Many thanks for your response Bankfodder .... the lender is PLATFORM FUNDING. I'll take a look at the links you suggest and post again later if I need to, and when I make some progress. Meantime, any other comments or suggestions would be more than welcome folks...
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