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  1. Have just made a successfull claim against HSBC with my curret account. Not sure if you can use the same procedure for credit card charges and whether or not i'd win? Addresses and that would be greatly appreciated.
  2. After making a succesful claim against HSBC, i thought i was in the clear to go and use the money as i saw fit. How wrong i was. As im in an IVA at the minute, (which HSBC were aware of) the bank sent the claim of £1,800 straight to my supervisor of the IVA where they placed it straight into my IVA account. I was aware that if i had a windfall as such or came into some unexpected money i would be expected to place this money into the IVA. The thing i cant get my head round though is, the bank charges im claiming back are a direct result of my debt. The bank has unfairly charged me,
  3. Hello, I have had two loans from logbook loans, the second of which i am just about to clear. Any body who has the misfortune to deal with this company has my sympathy and would like to commend you Nellie in helping to make people aware of the dangers of getting involved with this company. I would seriously like to see this company on watchdog or Rogue Traders. This company preys on Vulnerable people. I work as a Police Officer now and have managed to put a serious cahpter of my life which involved these rogues behind me. First off in my line of work i can now idenify Vulnerable, desparate
  4. Hello everyone, I have just sent off the statement request for my old current account and also a separate one for my credit card. Just wondering if anyone out there knows of any rough timescales that it takes HSBC to get them to me? Another thing is that the account is closed now, is that going to effect anything? Many thanks, Sean W
  5. Hello Bong, Thank you for your reply, i have now sent off the request for the statements. Having read through a few peoples threads it seems to me that BARCLAYCARD are tricky customers and dont really want to play ball, Anyone got any ideas of timescales? Many Thanks, Sean W
  6. Hello everyone, I have recently started out on a current account mission with A & L, mid way through that it was brought to my attention that i can now claim for charges relating to credit cards. Barclaycard absoloutely hammered me back in the day so i am gonna start with them. As it was a few years ago (5years) i no longer have an account number i have binned all statements Etc, i phoned them and and they have said that they could not give me the number and just to send my name, dob and address and they would send out the statements. Just wanted to ask if i use the exact same templ
  7. Cheers, To be honest i am just about finding my feet with the whole site. I will now go and find the debt section. Thanks again.
  8. Hey, Firts of all a big thank you to Countrybake for your reply. I had a look at the letters you attcahed to me and used them. To be fair i had just about given up when i offered Esporta a token offer of £100 for full and final settlemant of the account and they accepted. Taking into account the fact that i had already paid £289 plus the latest £100 to them they still did ok out of me. The people who dealt with me did very little other than send standard letters. In my last letter i explained that i was near personal bankrupcy and if they did not accept the offer i would set up a dir
  9. Hello, I have a problem with Esporta. I signed a contract with them in June 2005 and only attended the gym for three months. Each month i paid £63 membership. I then accepted that i had got myself into a mess financially and was un able to keep payments up. I was unbale to use the from September onwards and i kept no contact with them as i was keeping my head in the sand! About two months ago i recieved a letter from a debt collectors asking for the remianing £591 on the account. Obviously as i only attended for three months i felt this to be a little harsh. I have contacted them
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