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  1. Apologies for the secrecy guys, I had to remove the commercially sensitive information for personal reasons.
  2. Your credit rating would only be affected if the overdraft facility was rescinded (when the a/c was forcefully closed) and the bank chose to abuse their access to the credit register by defaulting you if you were unable to repay it in full by 30 days *ahem A & L*
  3. Hey T4FF A forced closure of a bank account would not affect your credit rating, even if you had an overdraft. The relinquishment of an overdraft would not be deemed adverse, indeed it would show on your file that the OD no longer existed, but as there are so many reasons for relinquishment the data isn't concise enough to distinguish (eg there isn't a "withdrew at customer request" versus "withdrew at bank request" etc) so it wouldn't actually affect your credit rating at all. Sadly was in a position to fully pay off the OD at the MCOL stage, but since then am not - but RBS are decent enough in that respect, and even if they losed the a/c they would offer a payment plan, indeed even if they decided to be spiteful I'd come down on them like a ton of bricks. A lender isn't allowed to list a credit commitment as defaulted unless they are of the sound belief they have no other avenue to get the funds back - they would have to offer an affordable payment plan prior to default.
  4. Bump - Bump - just spoke to Legal at A&L, reiterated the same information regarding T&C's on the account. At first tried to purport the decision would be made after investigation of account, finally managed to get them to admit that as soon as they receive notification the cheque is cashed they will close the account. Fuming about this - told them I'll be sending the cheque back demanding they issue me with a letter confirming the account will not be closed (as I don't use the account anymore I've advised I will make no further claims) otherwise I will see them in court. Any thoughts?
  5. Hi Both of my claims (RBS and A&L) have now been settled. A&L have sent the closure letter that I'll be contacted shortly, RBS have made no mention of a/c closure. Firstly, am I right in saying RBS rarely close accounts ? Also - when A&L forcefully close the account will I have a set period (eg a month) to pay back the OD? Are they simply going to demand it all in a week and fefault me if not? Also - I havent accepted the A&L offer , can I write back demanding the a/c is kept open and that I will not accept final settlenment unless this is agreed to? Really worried they;ll defualt me, getting a mortgage this yr and have a fantastic credit history - dnot want it affected - sadly when I initiated the MCOL i was in a position to repay the OD in full - I'm not now. Surely they'd accept the account being kept open if it was the only issue preventing me accepting the settlement ?
  6. Any thoughts on the declining of final settlement unless they confirm in writing they will keep the account open? They'll do anything not to go to court, surely they'd agree to this demand if it meant settlement prior to a hearing?
  7. Hi Already at MCOL stage (defense filed) with A&L - for some reason they decided to send my SAR data twice - two pertinent sections caught my eye in the manual intervention data - one amusing the other shocking Amusing: Verbatim quote of a filenote left on my account after a lengthy call Shocking: An entry in the manual intervention section: 1 March 07 - courtpapersreceived.7QZxxx82 (court claim ref). chq ordered for £xxx Funny that's exactly the same amount of my claim they've raised a cheque for! Yet they have responded to MCOL to defend - is this not evidence that we already knew they are wasting and abusing the legal system - why clog the courts when this proves they have every intention of settling in full ! Also a brief question.... Of course no bank wants to get to court and have to defend, hence settling out of court - if you really dont want to have your account closed couldn't you make it one of your settlement conditions and not accept full and final without it ? Puts the bank on the backfoot (especially the ever-recently A&L who have adopted a strict offense is a best defense tactic) - doubt they;d quibble over the account staying open if it meant they'd have to defend in court - or am I missing something ? Comments welcome!!
  8. Singapore Airlines - best long haul economy by far
  9. Well they said they would do nothing, spoke to the London area manager who also said nothing they could do, its the restrictions imposed by the airline blah blah blah So I did some digging, found the name of their global head of media relations, fowarded the mail to her and advised I would be making the shady tactics public 70% refund of airfare negotiated, takes 3 weeks to get a refund from the airline to the agent and then to me, so they offsetted the refund against the flight I booked with the airline I want - and they even negotiated a discount for that too ! All in all 20% little out of pocket, but better than 100% - just proves the old addage is true, you need to make a noise sometimes
  10. *sigh* Booked a flight with flightcentre, here's the rundown of events: 1 (on phone) sending you an email, please check the dates and times are okay, and reply with the word "confirmed" and she will call me back to make the final arrangements and confirm everything. 2 takes my debit card number (i assume to put an authorisation through to hold the price of the ticket, if I dont buy the authorisation drops off, if I do buy it turns into a transaction) at no time was I told a payment was being taken, nor that they would do so 3 times of itinerary are fine - reply to the itinerary "confirmed" as asked 4 No call back as promised 5 call her office at 6pm, told in meeting will pass the msg on before she leaves (ive reviewed the airline and dont want to fly with them - want them to change the carrier) 6 no call back made 7 Send 2 emails at 1am (when I get home from the office) asking her to not take any payment, as I wish to change carrier 8 next morning no response, check my bank account and they have claimed for the ticket. 9 speak to operator (eventually) - sorry the itinerary says no cancellation refund (eg will cost me entire price of ticket) we can't change the carrier blah blah 10 call the area manager, sympathises (dont they always) and says my giving my card details to her was authority for her to remove the funds - ludicrous as this sounds my card issuer (first direct) confirms this. Says they have spoken to the airline who are refusing to assist 11 call the ariline myself, helpful Thai gentlemen informs me they have no control over 3rd party bookings, and would have not declined anything as they dont get involved. I appreciate my fault I didnt research more, but Im stuck on an 18 hr flight with a crappy airline - and the woman clearly insinuated she would call me back to make things final. Turns out she told her boss (this is what he told me today) that she made it perfectly clear she would be taking the money the same day - I asked her manager why then would I send 2 emails at 1am asking her to hold off on confirming anything until I had spoken to her the next day ! Is there anything at all I can do ? Card issuer (debit card) say its not a retailer dispute as I gave my card number and this is authority to take my money, they seem unwilling to budge and im feeling miserable about my holiday now. I managed to get the name of one of their UK media relations people, and sent her an email threatening to make public the shady tactics they subjected me to, as well as emailing the area manager's regional manager - Suggestions / senior contact details welcomed !!!
  11. 3 day response to Prelim - nothing offered. Same resonse to LBA. MCOL filed 25/2 Edit - further charge due to be applied 15th March - can I add this to the existing claim at MCOL stage? I've already sent a schedule of charges to the court, would I have to resend schedules of charges to court & A&L as well as amending my MCOL claim? Possibly easier to win the case, then call the litigation dept and ask for this one charge to be removed before I file another complaint ??
  12. Offer of 82% rejected - they also contest the O/D interest. Decline sent, stuck to their guns so MCOL filed 25/2 - keep you posted !
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