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  1. Hi all has anyone had issues with the MCOL form on-line- I have entered Cahoot's address and it won't let me go any futher!
  2. Hi all just to let you know that i am trying to relaim my bank charges against nationwide & Cahoot and I am now at the court stage for both, after the usual letters from them stating that the charges are fair! I am very scared at this stage ( and waiting for payday b4 i claim!) Hopefully after I have succesfully reclaimed this money:eek: I can try my credit card charges!
  3. Thank god for this link- I have done exactly the same and put the 8% on my letters and my partner had told me this was wrong! Was very worried- I am now 2 weeks overdue with my moneyclaim (waiting for payday!) Thanks!
  4. krissyd

    Meeru vs Cahoot

    Hi all, I am hoping you can help, your posts have been very helpful and I have received my statments from Cahoot and have sent the prelim letter and LBA letter, when my partner said that he didn't think I was supposed to add on the 8% which is on the simple spreadsheet on site?! Should I not use the 8% column until court time? Should I start the letter process again? Any help would be great- thanks!
  5. Hi all- On the day I posted- I received a list of charges! I have added up my bank charges and I am up to about £3500! What now- which letter do I send!
  6. Hi I have found your messages really helpful- I sent my first letter to them (I closed my two current accounts with Cahoot in March) about 25 days ago and have heard nothing from them not even an acknoledgment to date. Did you guys receive a letter acknowledging your request for statements letter? If you had an email- did they email you at the email address you hold/held and registered as customers- my personal email that they had a record of is also closed down. Very worried about the whole thing and not sure what I do now- do I chase by letter about the statements until the 40 days are up? and then what as I have no idea how much they owe me- just that it's a lot!?
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