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  1. Just like to say everythings been sorted out and would like to thank you all on behalf of my daughter for all your help. thankyou:)
  2. she did have a ccj posted to her which is when she filled the form in stating how much income she had in and what she paid out which is when she ofered 25 a month the court then sent the letter back stating that they would not accept 25 a month and they wanted 800 pound up front and as she couldnt pay that the bailifts came out and she wasnt in they have since sent another letter informing if she doesnt pay 800 pound by today the bailifts will be round to cease the goods she did ask for a suspended warrant but she never recieved the form any advise?
  3. Hi just wondered if anyone can help. My 23yr daughter lives on her own with her 16month old son she does work. Anyway basically she took out an insurance policy for car insurance, then car breaks down and she ends up without one so doesnt need insurance anymore so cancels then gets a letter from the insurance to say she still has to pay the rest of the policy. anyway to cut a long story short its been backwards and forwards she filled a form out for them for expenditure and offered 25.00 a week but they refused and have sent the bailiffs round she wasnt there but they are suppose to be comin
  4. Hi sorry its been a while but with one thing and another(pc break down) anyway just to update. phoned finance company told them charges where unlawful and wouldn't be paying them, that was back in june 2007 and so far not heard anything.
  5. Right after asking and asking i finally got the imformation i require, i was told id av to pay for a copy of the aggreement but fortunatly for me i still av it. Heres the list please could anyone tell me if i av to pay them all; notice of default fee fee ledger 23.50 charged 15 times home visits fee ledger 47.00 charged 8 times phone call fee ledger 11.75 charged 14 times debit a fee receipt fee ledger 52.88 charged 1 time cheque rd fee fee ledger 15.00 charged 4 times tracing costs fee ledg
  6. Thankyou i,ll give it a go.
  7. can anyone help my daughter has had a car on finance for the last 3yrs which was about over last month when we paid a payment i asked how long was left i was told it would be finished in april. which left about £314 my daughter rang today to clear it and when she asked how much was left was told there was £1100 she told them this was wrong but was told it was charges which have added up since she had the car eg £50 if they,d had to make a home visit so much for late payment which if we were late would only be a couple of days out. When we were late they,d send a letter with a total owed and wh
  8. Thanx kimmy01 do i go down the same road as claiming bank charges.
  9. I brought a kitchen from BQ through GE money im payin them back monthly. Can i claim late payment charges at £15 a time.
  10. blueeyes

    Blueeyes v mbna

    Well what a waste of time i was rang back and told that they had'nt received my LBA what interest was i talking about. I got side tracked and feel a complete idiot but im more determined to get contractual interest back now just av to look at spreadsheetes but i dont know the interest rate they charge and she would nt tell me. She said i could send my letter again i said know id already sent it allowing 14 days so i would go to court.
  11. blueeyes

    Blueeyes v mbna

    Been on the phone this morning spoke to julia she said she was emailing someone who would get back to me within 2 days,wish id asked for someone by name but the last time i ask they said they were'nt there. Just av to wait and see.
  12. blueeyes

    Blueeyes v mbna

    Thankyou chorlton 1.
  13. I never received my LBA back from them just the remainder of what they owed me but no contractual interest. Think im going to ask for it though.
  14. blueeyes

    Blueeyes v mbna

    Im thinking of goin after it as i stated in both letters that i wanted it, got to think how to go about it, might phone but last time i phoned wasnt that good.
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