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  1. Thanks clarion48, why do you think the judge didn't accept your draft order- surely it helps speed up the process? When did you send in your AQ? Good luck for the 28th
  2. thanks for the prompt reply I feel a whole lot better! and if he doesn't? what then?
  3. Hi sorry to hijack your thread but I have also sent in the same draft order with my AQ & wondered when the 14 days deadline starts. I sent my AQ to the court & copy to Abbey on 1st June do I then have till the 14th or do I wait to hear from the judge as to when the order is served? hope someone can help
  4. Hi, I have got as far as sending the new draft order together with the AQ to the court & Abbey but wondered how I know when the order has been served to know when the 14 days limit starts & finishes - "The claimant shall within 14 days of service of this order send to the Defendant and to the Court" etc many thanks
  5. Hi sorry to butt in but does anyone know which address James Arrandale is at? Cheers
  6. forgot to mention that these accounts don't have any regular monies going in as I left work 2 years ago & my hubbies salary goes into his Abbey account so how they can offer him nearly 4 grand of credit is beyond me!
  7. Hi folks just when you think the Halifax can't be any more stupid than they already are....... having had a payback of £1275.82 and taking them to court for the 2years previous on this account and a settled claim of £1231.12 the halifax sent myself & my husband credit cards through the post a couple of months ago. Mine was in my MAIDEN name:rolleyes: - I have been married for 7 years and during that time have had (& still do have ) 2 current accounts, an instant saver ,a web saver, a mortgage(just closed that), car insurance and a closed credit card-ALL IN MY MARRIED NAME!!!
  8. thanks guys - have been laid up with gastric flu for a couple of days but back at the ol' laptop again!
  9. bueller...... bueller........... bueller............. anyone???????????????????
  10. my daughters used to get twinkle comics when they were little nurse nancy ran the dolls hospital sorry to disappoint!
  11. are you the same nurse nancy that appeared in the twinkle comics?
  12. right! Am sending AQ back with the above mentioned section"G" attached Also sending the Draft order for Directions from the template library Just posting the Halifax defence just in case I should be answering number 7 in particular 5. The Particulars of Claim state that the Claimant's claim is based on contract and as such section 5 of the Limitation Act 1980 applies. Section 5 states that an action founded on simple contract cannot be brought after the expiration of 6 years from the date on which the cause of action accured,and accordingly, the Defendant submits that the b
  13. .........baited breathe.....an'all that! Lots of luck keep your phone on- I'll sure you'll get a call!!
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