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  1. thanks for the reply,trouble is, this is a new account i set up as a parachute because i've successfully claimed against the Abbey,so i dont want to move banks again. 'spose they've won?
  2. thanks crumble.. Ok cheque has cleared and is now on its way to my new bank account.. please can someone change my thread and move me to WON!!!!
  3. thanks guys, i did phone,but i completly fumbled and stuttered i did ask for a refund but she kept quoting terms and conditions,even though i said that it doesnt cost them that much to reject a cheque, i just wasnt forceful enough.
  4. Hi i have just had a charge for £34 for a failed cheque and wonder if its worth sending out a prlim letter or maybe an email to get it back? if so what could i word in an email?
  5. I had lots of wobblies and thought i couldnt go on,i sent my bundle to abbey yesday and today i got a full settlement. if i can do it,trust me anyone can, it all looks there on the index. x
  6. Hi, this looks exactly how i did mine,however i did number all the pages and put that on the index. I would send a copy to the solicitors, does it say that on the instuctions from the court? good luck x
  7. Got a letter today saying they are going to pay the full sum plus interest and court costs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So so relieved, im so happy!! thankyou to those who have helped me especially Karne, will be donating when money clears,definately wouldnt have done it all without this site, good luck to everyone else and honestly if i did it so can anyone i'll still be logging on and seeing how people get on as its so addictive! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  8. Done bundle,copied statements that had charges on. ready to post registered tomorrow, realised that abbey have to send me one by 4pm on tuesday as well.i wonder.........
  9. well done karne very happy for you and gives me hope! sorting out court bundle Re: statements on document list;is this the bank statements? i thought it was a letter by me highlighting the case? confussed at the minute, as i write it seems obvious that it is the bank satements,just the pages with charges on? but do i still need to write a covering letter? Abbey still havnt contacted me regarding cooperating with them on this bundle.
  10. Just had a copy of Abbeys AQ sent to me by the court A settlement:no B Location of hearing:no C Track:yes D witness 1 E experts: Analytical and forensic accounting of bank charges and comparison with industry standards F hearing:no G other info:blank signed james ryan arrandale 22/11/06 gave abbey till today to send me their reply to the above letter,and i havn't heard a thing.
  11. Dear Sir/Madam Further to correspondence received from the court dated 28th November2006. I enclose a list of documents I will use to rely on in court. Please can you confirm this list and add any documents you also wish to rely on in court,and include a full breakdown of costs incurred by you for my breaches of contract. I look forward to hearing from you as a matter of urgency. Yours sincerely Is this ok? Thanks x
  12. printed up a list of documents from the library,i havnt put page numbers on because i havnt done the bundle. gonna work on a letter...
  13. ok so i write, listing the documents before i have to send the bundle off? need my hand held here: list of documents like my statement of charges and......???????? im really stuck here guys , and a correctly worded letter,any templates for that? x
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