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  1. A warning this company was on the BBC consumer program watchdog for conning people.
  2. welcome and good luck with claiming your bank charges.
  3. Oohhhh wish I could have been there, any way good luck with your quest with your bank charges.
  4. worst still the company I used to work for stop people from smoking during their working hours because of complain from non smokers
  5. I claimed £30 for a missed D D from Nationwide. it was refunded on the first letter within a week
  6. since you have got your money back, can't see what you are going to gain by suing that company, personally I will let the police and the bank deal with it.
  7. Just wondered is the £12 charge guideline set by the OFT is legal, the reason I ask is I just apply for a Tesco Credit card and on their T & C it says they will charge £12 for late payment, uncleared cheque, and missed D D.
  8. cleungs1


    Hi welcome take a look at the F.A.Q and read some of the post in the Halifax thread before you start good luck
  9. cleungs1

    MINT Card

    It appear it was an admin cock up after all, because I did have an RBS card in 1997, and thy have not closed the account.
  10. cleungs1

    MINT Card

    Dear Mr xxxx Important Changes to your mint card. To make sure we can continue to bring you a clever range of benefits, we must review our rates from time to time. Following such review, we noe advise that effective from the day after your November statement date, the monthly standard rate for purchase, 'transfer and save' trnasactions, cheques and money tranfers will increase to 1.527% this change will not affect any promotional rates on balance transfers or purchase transactions that you may have on your account, then it give detail of new text service.
  11. cleungs1

    MINT Card

    I just received a letter from MINT Card, but I don't have and I have never applied for a MINT Card. I was just wondering could it have been an identity fraud or could it be MINT card trying a fast one. any light on this please thank you.
  12. good luck to you hope you can find out where he is
  13. AFIAK you can not be paid holiday pay if you are receiving SSP
  14. If you don't know where he live, how can you take him to court, I may be wrong I am sure someone will correct me
  15. very hard decision indeed, find out if the £30 is included.
  16. I suppose you should have a word with your friends because you willingly gave him the jewellery, can't see the police getting involve.
  17. I usually go to my local Asda at around 9.30pm to pick up all the bargain.
  18. good luck to you, start another thread in the HSBC section where more help is available
  19. going by my card it usually take up to 48 hrs.
  20. my advice will be to have a chat explaining the sutiation with your HR accompanied by your union Rep.
  21. if you read some of the thread in the Banking section you may find similars reply
  22. it sound like a rebuff but all is down to you if you wish to accept or persue to the court. good luck
  23. for that amount a simple grovelling letter to the manager might do the trick unless you are claiming for more
  24. it is your money if you don't claim it. the share holders will have it
  25. Hi Pam welcome to the forum send them the letter asking for your money back, meanwhile have a read at the F.A.Q and read some of thread in the Bank section just to get an idea how the claim procedure work good luck.
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