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  1. sorry to boost this up again, but in desperate need of some advice
  2. anyone else have any suggestions on what to do next any letter templates or anything
  3. I have recovered account charges for several people. With one person who's account I got refunded she had an overdraft of 3000 pound and her charges were refunded worth 1655 pound. Now when Halifax sent her a letter she then telephoned and asked if the overdraft would be decreased as a result of this and will she still have access to the funds she was told the overdraft would not be touched and she would still have access to the funds. She then asked if she could have that in writing. Then few days later she gets a letter confirming it. However a week later the charges were refunded however the overdraft had been removed and she did not have access to the funds, does she have a case, i was thinking about sending the bank a formal letter threatening further action. Saying something like, as a result of the overdraft being removed and me not having access to my funds it has left me in major financial difficulty and has become costly since i made some financial decisions with assurance I would ahve access to the money. The letter she was sent says this After that it basically just says if you are still unhappy with this then please do not hesitate to contact to Financial Ombudsman etc etc etc. Now personally i think its the "You will therefore have access to the funds" Which specifically stands out as something that she has a case for. Any suggestions any help is greatly appreciated thanks
  4. Woke up this morning checked bank! Full refund plus court costs and interest!! HAPPY DAYS thanks alot for all help
  5. Applied for judgement today! Further waiting expected, any idea now what will happen next and what i should expect? Thanks
  6. Ok thanks for that barbershop, I tried to apply for judgement it said sorry and explained why, i read it wrong. Ill give it a few more days before applying for judgement again hopefully it will let me then!
  7. I think ive just found out a bit more! They have 14 days to acknowledge the claim and if they do the bank then have a further 28 days to decide what to do! But if they do not acknowledge the claim in 14 days they only have 28 days to decide what they can do. IE if they acknowledge the claim within 14days they get an extra 14 days to decide what to do. So basically i have more waiting to do!!!
  8. Ok I am yet to recieve any response from the bank or courts, according to moneyclaim it says Issued 25/01/2007. Should i know folllow the next step which is apply for judgement. (Basically click start below judgement)
  9. Thanks chaddyowl, anyone else able to offer some help. Thanks
  10. I filed online, should i basically just click start on money claim. It was issued the 25/01/2007 I will click start and file for a judgement tomorrow for it? What exactly is the next process after that. What should i expect to happen next
  11. Ok its been 14 days, the claim has not been acknowledged, i contacted halifax and made thema ware of claim spoke to a team manager and gave her all the details she would need. What should i do now?
  12. claim issued 25/01/2007 still no response.
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