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  1. Hi all, I engaged in a project with an Indian company to build me a website in June 2008. I paid using my Virgin (MBNA) credit card through a third party called Guru.com who took the payments and paid the supplier direct. The project was for a total cost of £25,650 of which I paid in phase’s up to the total amount of £17000. The website was supposed to take 4 months to complete which should have been the 29th September, I raised my chargeback request with Virgin on the 23rd Jan meaning I was within the 120 day chargeback period which would have been the 27th Jan. Virgin are saying that they won’t perform a chargeback because I didn’t pay the total amount to the supplier, however I have stressed to them that they did not complete the work within the contract agreement of 4 months and that I felt I was being messed around. I even gave them a report by an independent web design company who said the site had been poorly developed and was not fit for purpose. They only ever asked for money and didn’t correct any issues I raised with the website and kept moving the project completion date out. It basically ended up with a total breakdown of communication between the supplier and I where they did not want to go back and correct issues with the website and only wanted more money from myself even though the project completion date had passed. Seeing as though Virgin will not issue a chargeback so I went to the Financial Ombudsman and made a complaint in March. Since then I have recently had a final decision from the adjudicator saying that he felt the bank was within reason to reject the chargeback on the grounds that I did not pay the total contract value, if this was the case and they had still not delivered then the bank would/should perform a chargeback. However I have explained that the supplier did not complete the website within the contract date and I felt by giving them more money and time to complete I still wouldn’t have had a complete website. The adjudicator has also explained because I paid through a third party who initiated the deal and payment were made through that section 75 does not cover me which is frustrating to say the least. The adjudicator has now said I might have a chance by taking Virgin to court on the grounds of the contract being breached. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.
  2. Gizmo is right, it should be super fast!!! Although Vodafone only got back to me confirming the default was removed after a week. I think this was partly due to the legal guy being busy and me asking for confirmation...Welldone GGGG Gayglo, I can only hope you get this resolved soon. Take care
  3. Cheers Dave, I think I may just do that. Otherwise would be an expensive momento!
  4. Thanks Adam. I've just sent them an email asking for confirmation once removed. *****
  5. Congrats Mervalous. Did you actaully go to court? Did they settle outside the court? It was bloody close.
  6. Vodafone have told me they are goingto remove the default immediatily etc. Does anyone know how long this could take for all 3 credit ref agencies to remove it from their records? Do you think I should forward the email I was sent from vodafone and tell them myself to help things??? Cheers..Still waiting for the cheque...cant wait...I think I may just frame it
  7. I would love to know too I personally cannot believe that barclays would do this to their customers. They know we are right...Why ruin their relationship with us? I've been banking with them for 7 years now personal and business account and loan. I will be closing all soon. Let us know Mervalous. Someway or another ps.Court date for 29th Nov....ages yet
  8. My two cents worth I don't know if you have seen my thread relating to a default Vodafone placed on my credit file 3 years ago. I threatened to take them to court for distress claims and financial compensation and won. They offered £1000 in compensation + court costs + removal of the default. Result. I would add though that my claim could have been done a lot better if I had planned it more. You may learn a little from reading my thread. HERE Cheers
  9. lol, I think the only reason i was being like that was because I my girlfriend and I broke up today. Excited and gutted at the same time Don't worry I'll still be around At least until I get my bank charges back...zzzz
  10. Hi all, I received a letter from vodafone yesterday with an offer of £1000 with the removal of the default . Im going to accept and move on now. Thanks to all the people who have supported me here, and offered "constructive critism" ... Goodluck to everyone else.
  11. Cheers Dave, Below is the email I have sent to the Legal Exec at Vodafone. I'll see what kind of offer they come back with and take it from there.
  12. Hi all, Thought I would just post something here which I felt was outragous. I received a letter this morning from Capitol One stating the following. Dear Sir, Your interest rate has now gone upto 34.99% (from 29.9%). If you unhappy with this you have two choices. 1)Pay off the balance of debt and stop using your card 2)Pay off the balance of debt and close the account. What a nice friendly company wiht such a personal touch. This group is just exploiting the "High Risk factor" they put themselves in. Total and utter complete ******s!!!
  13. Will do. Great Stuff! Lol, just had a thought, imagine telling 75000 people theres a protest going on, wouldnt that be great Any more ideas from anyone???
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