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  1. My 13 year old daughter went through a wild faze and because I grounded her she left the house at 2am in the morning and told her friends mum that I hit her. The police came around to talk about it and realised that my daughter is out of control and I never hit her. I was devastated that she said that. Since then my daughter has now turned into a lovely caring girl because I pulled her away from her gang mates. They did not prosicute me, they left it alone. Would this be on the crb check. thanks
  2. I have been with northern rock for 5 years now they want me to leave. They have put me intouch with money quest and they have said that if I go with halifax then i will have to pay 1000 pounds. Is there anything I can do Northern rock want to get rid of me. Any advice given would be much appreciated. thanks
  3. I am taking them to court so it should be illegal. There is a court case going off it shouldn't effect the other account. They could have at least informed me.
  4. yes it looks like that doesn't it. I had two accounts and one is still overdrawn they asked me to pay 50 pound a month to them and I agreed but then they closed my pther account and took my money and cancelled direct debits BUT!!! we come to some kind of agreement, every month. How can they do this? These are benefits surely it is not right. Thanks for your replies.
  5. Hi I don't know why a history of all my threads have been put together it wasn't me. I have all my money in the account.
  6. This weekend I was sent loads of letters by my standing orders and direct debits. I have two accounts with hsbc one for bills and one for normal usage. It was the normal usage one that I was taking to court to claim charges. I found out today that hsbc has closed my other account without informing me and all my family tax pensions everything has gone into this account. What can I do I am now going to get defaults with no fault of my own because hsbc has cancelled them all without informing me and closed my account without informing me.
  7. I wrote on here a while ago stating that I had got this letter and I was going to get a default and bailiffs where going to get involved. You told me to print a template off and send it to D & G solicitors and HSBC. They have completely ignored my letter and when I phoned them today they told me I have 24 hours to pay some kind of payment. They also told me there won't be waiting for February they have asked for a lift of stay. Why do they know something that I don't I paid 30 pounds today I feel that I am loosing.
  8. Thank you very much for your help
  9. I forgot to mention I have 2 accounts with hsbc one for direct debits and the other was just for normal day to day living. The normal account for day to day living was mounted up to overdraft because of bank charges. I have not touched this account since march 2007. I opened another account with alliance and leicester about a year ago.
  10. they never told me that they were freezing my account they just said that if I don't pay the money back within 7 days then they will be contacting bailiffs and I will get a default also going to court. I am taking them to court. I have just been going by the guidelines on consumeractiongroup following them accurately and bang Im in trouble. I have asked for a lift of stay the reason why they have froze my account is because they have asked for payments in the bank account and I have told them that I am taking them to court and sent all these templates from consumer action group.
  11. A year ago I took action against the banks. Charges have mounted up as you can image over a year. I have two bank accounts one which is healthy with hsbc and the other which obviously isn't. The reason for this is I neglected the account cause I thought I was going to get my money back and the other is my payments account with working family tax credits going through. Recently I got a letter stating that i was going to go to court and bailiffs were going to get involved. So I sent them a template letter from here and told them that if they pursue this action then I would get them done bla
  12. Thank you very much it was stressing me out I will do that tomorrow.
  13. I have just received a final demand letter from HSBC. They have said that I have seven days to pay 982.42 immediately or it will go to the debt collectors and court. I have already got a court case going and i have applied for lift of stay. What can I do? Please help!
  14. Hi I was given 14 days but its too late isn't it.
  15. Hi I put in my claim last year it was just about to all go through the oft decided to take the banks to court. My court will not do anything now I have to wait til February 2008. Hsbc are contacting me asking for the money gave them my court reference number. Do you think there is a good chance of getting this money back? Is there anything that I should be doing. I have already gave my court bundle. Thanks tracy
  16. I put my court bundle in on the 2 nd and HSBC didn't file a case.
  17. Hi I put my court bundle in on the 2 July and that gave HSBC 21 days to reply and put their case forward they never. What will happen now will I win? thanks tracy
  18. Today I Recieved A Letter From Hsbc And They Have Taken Money Out Of My Other Hsbc Account (one Is For Spending And The Other Is To Pay Bills.) Are They Allowed To Do This?? I Am In The Process Of Receiving A Court Date. I Have Done My Court Bundle. Any Help Please!!!
  19. Hi I have looked at the court bundle and printed off 150 copies 50 copies each and I noticed there is a link early day motion from the house of parliament oft summary. I can't click on the link does anyone know if there is something else that I can go on to print this summary for my court case thanks tracy
  20. I have had charges of 150.00 you are very lucky to be claiming third time my sons account was shut down after two attemps. Good luck claiming your money back.
  21. what is an allocation fee I have filled out a questionair but because mine was only so much I didn't have to pay anything, Is this correct.
  22. Hi I am a normal average intelligent person but I am very confused with this statement of evidence. I am using the genuine one and I don't know what to put in the blue parts can I use the same information. My head is hurting I only have 24 days left to respond. please can anyone help also I unzipped the court bundle and there was 50 pages do I need to print this aswell.
  23. Hi i have been told by the courts that i have to provide the a) a shcedule setting out each charge repayment which is sought, showing the date amount and reason give if any. b) copies of any statement or other document relied on as showing that each and every such charge has been made C) a stament of evidence of alll matters relied upon as tending to show that the charges are irrecoverable as penalties or otherwise. D) copies of all decided and other legal materials to be relied upon Please can anyone tell me where to find most of these I am assuming A) is the calculation sheet b) i
  24. Hi my debt is 950 pounds these are all charges after charges. They told me today on the phone that if I don't accept the offer of them trying to help me pay a small amount of money then they will take it further and it will affect my credit scoring. thanks tracy
  25. sorry what is a cca letter and a dca I am new at this thanks for replying
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