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  1. Great news - I'm so pleased of course! And good luck with the new job, new house, now new improved bank balance - blimey, guess you've got a life!
  2. Congratulations! and I'm really glad the judge has awarded you some expenses to compensate (somewhat) for all the hassle.
  3. Just wanted to say that Lloyds paid up to me yesterday! so hope that inspires you to be confident. As for contesting jurisdiction, must admit that was not stated on my notice of "acknowledgement of service" ([problem]). But good luck, stick with it and you'll get lots of help here.
  4. Thanks Barty and leeshare! I'm writing to the Court, and I'll make sure i get in some comments about this disgraceful behaviour of the bank and its solicitors. Meanwhile I'm grinning like a demented cheshire cat! Keep up the good work!
  5. Hi there - I had a court date set for 27 Feb, no directions and no allocation questionnaire were given out by the judge (Cambridge though, not Chester), but have just found out that lloyds have paid up (whoopee - and I'm sure you'll get yours soon). I was getting worried about what the court was going to do but now I think some judges are reckoning on saving time and photocopying money for us by calling these pre-trial reviews knowing that Lloyds are likely to settle beforehand. Maybe someone with a better overview can also comment on this theory! Haivng said that, I was planning to spend the weekend before the court date just going through the basic arguments and points of law writing out a brief summary - now I don't have to, what a relief! If you get much closer to the date I would call SC&M, just to check that they haven't just overlooked your (highly likely) settlement for some reason. Seem to have read this has happened and some people really get their money at the very last moment before court. Good luck!
  6. yippee, yippee, yippee - the money has appeared in my account, two weeks before the court date (fees, interest even updated from my initial claim, plus 220 costs). I'm thrilled to bits and want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone who has helped - garyh, I'm cheer leader for your fan club, and reading loads of others' threads has been a huge help too. Stick with it everyone! btw, no letter from [problem] with any conditions, though they seem to have contacted the court. Reckon Lloyds understand they don't have a leg to stand on now. I'll hit the donate button next. all the best, maryt :D :D :D
  7. And congrats from me! Well done! And how I wish that some judge could PUNISH LTSB for this awful time wasting abusive process that they are putting us all through. grrrrr.
  8. Hi Mooreda - any developments? SCM have not replied to my fax/letter about directions, haven't managed to call them up yet, so not much to report from me.
  9. Hi Kristian - I'm not a site helper (just another claimant!) but wandering around the site I found a whole section on mercantile court cases: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/mercantile-court-cases-stays/ i would also encourage you to ring the court - can't harm and this message gives you a bump up the list so maybe you'll get some more help from someone really knowledgeable good luck and stick with it!
  10. and congrats from me too! I'm just dipping into threads learning about stuff - but this is about the third win I've seen today so looking good !
  11. Hi - just subscribing here because i've also got a pre-trial review. the judge hasn't even asked us to fill in an allocation questionnaire. so i'll be very interested in how your case goes. keep us updated and GOOD LUCK.
  12. great news - congratulations! someone thought my case was stuck in "no man's land" so cheers me up to see a win! the courts must be getting furious about all these cases and Sc&M/Lloyds no shows. enjoy the win!
  13. quick update - no response from [problem], not too surprising I guess since the pre-trial date is still about six weeks away.
  14. Hi Mooreda - this sounds like my situation. I received a notice of a pre-trial review (but 15 minutes mind you!) in February - there was no allocation questionnaire and no directions really, other than to turn up. We rang the court who couldn't say much more, but at least confirmed that the judge had decided to NOT send out an AQ. Did you get an AQ? Garyh has been really helpful - so whilst waiting for the court date, i've written to SC&M proposing that we agree (at the court pre-trial hearing) that it should go to small claims court and that they should provide all their evidence (tee hee) within 28 days. I gave them until tomorrow to respond, and then i guess i start hassling them again. My thread has more info and is at: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/lloyds-bank/40192-maryt-lloyds-trying-get.html I supppose my one big fear is that the judge here wants to do something really fancy and i'll be put on the spot (this is just complete imagination really!) - but then i realise that justice demands lloyds also would have to be grilled - and that can't be what lloyds want so that's why they settle - and they are still settling before court dates as far as I can see. HTH - I'll keep my thread updated - let us all know how your case goes too!
  15. well... I've been very slow, but finally faxed and mailed [problem] this week (cc'd to County Court), will start to press next week if don't hear anything. Finally figured out that garyh's suggested text (THANKS!!!) was text that a court might well propose, so went with that pretty much as you wrote it. Have proposed small claims court, submission of evidence etc, by the looks of other cases guess they won't want to do that!! Good to see successes mounting up here!
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