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  1. Thanks for that.I have checked out Schedule2 and it does mention about offsetting...but since there's £0 on my current account, there is no chance they'll put the money back, is it? Once i start claiming my charges back with HSBC, will mention that they repeatedly broke the law (including this little act). v.
  2. to pay off my overdraft!!! I am furious! Can they do that? So I went to the bank withdraw all money from savings account and an extra £100 over my limit from my current account... Does anyone have any ideas what to do now? Thanks V.
  3. Hi there, received my statements from natwest, but don't understand the spreadsheet for charges and I need to send it out a.s.a.p!! it's got an 8%APR column- isn't that one supposed to be added after the court? and do i have to add the interests what they charged me every month? someone pls help!!!!!!! thanks v.
  4. Hi I have just sent out hagenuk's template letter (thanks hagenuk!!) recorded delivery- i thought i give barclaycard a last chance...but got the complaint forms ready filled out (Commission Officer) -as soon as i get a reply back from BC will send it out-almost sure that they still not going to comply.and getting my head round to do the N1 form (Thanks David!!) hope i'm doing everything right! v.
  5. Hi I have received statements from Marbles and Natwest but the spreadsheet in the templates have 8%Apr column in them.as far as i understood the process I must not add the 8%APR when first sending the claim.Shall I just delete that column or is there another spreadsheet?also, do I have to add any interests(whatever shows on the credit card statements)? Please help Thanks v.
  6. So you guys are all estimating and claiming after the 2nd letter they sending back refusing to send the list of charges?
  7. hi Juli99,D5weddle and David I have questions fro you: Julie99- are you still within the 40 days? are you reporting them to the Commission Officer? and did you send anything to them after the 'puzzling' letter? David- I understand that you are on 55 days now, did you send them anything after that 'puzzling' letter?are you estimating the bank charges when filing the court claim? I might be thick but can't find any template for as for reply to the 'puzzling' letter! D5weddle- which template is the one u are mentioning? can you send a link please? thanks so much! vik
  8. thanks nik. but this is what i'd sent and they replied back saying that 'your reference to the case of Smith-v-Lloyds is puzzling' because it fully supports Bcard's position! and as they explained 'copy statements held prior to may 2004 are stored on microfiche bla bla ..and that i can get the statements for £3 per statement or can complaint to Financial Ombudsman services. i can't find any template which can follow this 2nd 'refusal' coz i'm still within 40 days. any ideas? thanks v.
  9. yea, but shall i send a letter again -and if yes, which one? The templates (non-complianece within 40 days) is not really logical after the letter they sent me...
  10. hey everyone, I've been trying to find the answer for my Bcard nightmare... they sent me the same rubbish about the microfiche and i replied them with the same letter as the first thread (juli99) and they replied back basically saying that Smith-Lloyds is 'puzzling' because it fully supports barclays!! bla bla...and i could speak to customer service and pay £3 per statement!! is there any point in speaking to Financial ombudsman or Commission Officer??? I'm feeling lost now...don't really know what to do!! any ideas? thanks v.
  11. hi, they have sent me the same thing, talking about microfiche and £3 per statement and the charges from 2001, they also have sent me statements for june2004-oct2004. I'm just about to send a letter back (found a template but with Abbey Nationals address)but don't really know where to send it! Same address where the letter came from or should be a Regulatory Compliance adddress somewhere??? Please someone help, need to send it out today! thanks viks
  12. for Barclaycard?Got a letter saying something about microfiche, found a template to reply but is got Abbey National's address on it... Does anyone know it?? Please help!! Thank you
  13. Hello, I just got a letter like that from barclaycard! got the template above but does anyone know what's the Regulatory Compliance address fro Barclaycard?? Please help!! thanks
  14. Thanks for that guys! Just thought would be easier to keep track of the stages of the process if i do them in the same time...but then just might have to take it on as a full time job!;-)
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