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  1. Hi, just curious to know, sorry to but in, if Cabot only paid pennies for the debt, can they really recover the full amount of £4k? Like buying a 2nd hand car, then trying to claim full amount. Can you find out how much they paid for the debt? They always hide this figure.
  2. I asked Marbles to close my account, because the interest rate was going to be increased. They agreed to "close" which means let me repay at the old APR rate, not allow new transactions. The rules say I'm allowed to do this, and I can repay, at the old rate within a "reasonable time" Then I called up, few months later, saying lost employment, need to freeze interest completely, went thru income/expenditure and had it frozen. They agreed to reduce the monthly payments for 6 to 12 months. I kept up with the reduced payments, as agreed, and now they've sent a default notice. It's not even been 3 months yet. I think this default notice, is a system generated one. They've done this before. They issued a £12 penalty fine, even though I paid the correct amount, due for that month, and I then cancelled direct debit. They cancelled the £12 fine previously, and apologised as it was wrongly issued on their end. Was planning on calling on Monday, saying I had an agreement to pay reduced payments, put in place only a couple of months ago etc, why you defaulting me. Just curious to know, what I should do. We had an agreement, they agreed to, very recently, and I stuck to it. Pretty sure it's the automated system taking over. If I complain, could rock the boat, and Not sure if them issuing a default, whilst I'm in a payment plan, counts as treating customers fairly? I can't afford to pay the amount in the default notice. Thanks in advance
  3. Issued MoneyClaim and they settled straight away £75. There is a very detailed article on another money saving site, where people have got back much more £100 - £200 a time.
  4. Avoid parcel2go Ltd terrible company, paid for next day delivery service, took 20 days to delivery. If you try and leave a review on Trust Pilot they report it, even though I have proof. Having to take legal action against them now, already gone to my bank to start chargeback, and starting court case http://www.moneyclaim.gov.uk If anyone else is having same problem, and interested in class action, please let me know.
  5. There is a call us button, or callback on ebay site, use that, and speak to a supervisor. might take a few tries.
  6. Yes, did everything. Complained to company direct, Just need others to complain to Ofcom.
  7. Old Tariff 6GB and stops when you reach the limit New Tariff 6GB and keeps going, without warning, when you pass the 6GB limit. The extra 1GB costs £50 I never even used up all the data anyway. Billing systems is wrong. Already spoke to them, and it's with the ombudsman . I want other people to be aware - hence the post. You'll probably see other people posting, next few weeks. They deny any system issue. And want everyone to pay up. I didn't get any email, or warning about the changes. Image above is from twitter.
  8. and and 1. There is something wrong with the billing system, it says you've used data, when you haven't. 2. And I've had legal advice tonight, and they can't unilaterally change your contract, by sending you an email, that you have to OPT OUT of 3. Some people never got any email. There was no postal letters, and no Txt messages. No alerts whatsoever once you go over the REMOVED data CAP.
  9. Just so you know, this Mobile network (MVNO) called The People's Operator or TPO which uses EE backbone, have changed everyone's Pay Monthly contracts, December 1st 2015, without telling them, and then charging them £50 for 1GB of data. Customers are only getting the bills now, and complaining!! Anyone affected needs to complain to Ofcom asap, treating customers unfairly etc . Links below: https://stakeholders.ofcom.org.uk/tell-us/formal-phone-company http://consumers.ofcom.org.uk/complain/phone-and-broadband-complaints/contracts/ http://www.ombudsman-services.org/complain-now-communications.html http://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/regulation/consumer-rights-act (Consumer Rights Act 2015)
  10. If you've got wrong info on your credit file, and Equifax refusing to remove it, after you've complained, let me know, looking to take them to court. Got complaints with FOS open against Equifax.
  11. I'm looking to take an injunction out on Equifax, and need other witnesses to make my case stronger. Some example of my case. HSBC confirmed by letter, I did NOT have any account with HSBC. I asked equifax 100 times to remove the info and they refused. Opened case with Ombudsman, and now they suppress the information temporally. Got Santander account which was settled, have proof, but Equifax refuse to mark as settled. Contacted Santender with the proof, and they won't update the file. Still says I owe the money, but I don't (it's settled). Looking to make a 2nd complaint with Ombudsman, try and get the FCA involved, and looking to get Equifax's credit licence revoked as they are not fit and proper people to hold a credit licence. Been speaking to Equifax case workers, and they refuse to give names, refuse to give final response letters, keep saying people in training, people aware of it. Equifax are worse then the Banks who charge PPI or the Payday lenders who got fined last month.
  12. I will start my own thread, but please give more specific information about Equifax as i'm looking to take an injunction out on Equifax, and need other witnesses to make my case stronger.
  13. The ombudsman upheld my complaint of harassment (against me) , they've not been found guilty of causing harm to the public. I said The council is putting the public at serious harm, because of their broken procedures, they ignore letters. I can track down other drivers who are having the same problems and bring them into court as witnesses (I have their details) etc We can't all be wrong.
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