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  1. That i will be withdrawing my claim now as i have been paid in full, i cannot seem to find a letter on this forum on what to write. If anyone could help me i'd be very grateful. Thankyou:)
  2. WELL DONE MRS C!!! I'm hoping you might be able to point me in the right direction! I need to get my court bundle together..But don't know how or where to start!It's absolutely baffling me and making me very anxious!!
  3. Thanks Welshman..But i can't seem to get the court bundle on zip file as it won't allow me to open it up! This is the part that i'm dreading..Getting everything together..I have no clue as to what to do. Do i have to have 3 copies of everything?
  4. Hi All.. Today i received my court date which is on the 19th of January. Now,in the letter it says that i have to prepare my documentation and have it at the courts no later than the 12th of December..Could someone please let me know exactly what i should have. Also, what is the norm that is likely to happen? Could i be one of the few that could have to go to court..Or do Barclays normally pay up? Thanks.
  5. Hi..Just one question. I'm taking my allocation form into the courts tomorrow,do i just need to print off a copy of the charges and take that in with the form?Is that all that's required? And do i need to send another copy off to Barclays (even though they already have it?)And do i need some fancy holder to put the form in etc..? Sorry to be a pain,but am finding it quite confusing now that it's at this stage!! Thanks All!
  6. Hi Burzmali, I'm in exactly the same stage as you,my N149 has to be in on the 5th nov.Like you,i was also wondering if it might speed things up if i get it to the court asap. Are you sending a copy of all the charges with you?
  7. Thanks all.. Can i just ask you dzaster, Did you send a copy of the charges with the 8% added on?And if you did,was it just the one copy,is that all that's needed?I don't want to mess anything up now i've got this far! Also since august they have taken nearly £400 out of my account with charges,obviuosly i had already put my claim in then for the last 6 years,would i be able to go for them again after,or can you only do 6 years worth,and then thats it?? Thanks.x
  8. Hi Welshman, Received the questionnaire to day and have filled it in and did everything you said.All i need to do now then is print off another copy of the charges and send with the £100.00 fee. I got quite worried when i read the defense,it makes it out that it's all my fault and that the charges are lawful and i shouldn't have been overdrawn etc...! Is it normal for them to makeyou feel this way?!
  9. Hi,Barclays have put up a defense on the moneyclaim today..And it is the 28th day!!!How typical! What do i do now?Will the courts send me a questionnaire or something? Do you think barclays will pay up before it goes too far?
  10. Oh God,that sounds bad.. So,what is the best way for this all to work out then?? How long could i be waiting for my money realistically??:o
  11. Hi All. I'm in the middle of waiting to see what happens next!! I've done the moneyclaim part,Barclays acknowleged on the day it was deemed(5th day),which meant they had an extra 14 days,on tuesday it is the 28th day. I keep checking online and it just says acknowledged,now i'm wondering what is the norm.Will they enter a defence sometime before tuesday,or do you think they might forget?? If anyone has been through this and has won all their money back,please please help me! Thanks alot.
  12. Anyone??Just need a bit of advice please on what to expect now!!Thanks.
  13. Well,i had alook on the moneyclaim to see how it's going,and on the 5th day they have acknowledged the claim: So,what normally happens from here on??Do they normally enter a defence before the 28 days are out?And if they do,does it mean i could be waiting months for my money back??
  14. Hi,Well today i went online and have done the moneyclaim part..So basically will just wait and see what happens.. The only thing is when do i do the n1 form(which i didn't realize i had to do??) And another thing is that i checked my account today and Barclays have taken £125 out in 3 days!!How can they do that??Especially as they have offered me £1000 as a goodwill gesture??(i'm due nearly £5.000),are they doing this as they know i won't be able to claim for these last couple of weeks or something??
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