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  1. just bumping up this as its still ongoing and I recived a letter today sayiing that I owe 50k after not hearing anything for over a year, please advise
  2. the problem is my mum is named on the mortage as at the time my mortgage brooker said it would need to be joint so mum agreed, she has about £40k equity in her own home but thats also in joint names with my dad (who had nothing to do with the buy to let one)
  3. thank you for your help I cant belive how stressful this is and that they can get away with doing this to people
  4. thank you for your help is there a template letter to send to WS?
  5. the original mortage was £75,000, ive not had a breakdown of costs from them just a figure
  6. just bumping up for help please got a letter today saying the shortfall is £51k so they must have added fees on anyone had any experience of dealing with them
  7. I bought my house from the council 6 years ago and it has just come to light that an area of land to the side of my house should have been included in my original deeds The council have admitted that this was a mistake on their part and that they would contact the land registry and have a deed of rectification drawn up Today i got a letter from my solicitor who handled my sale and they want almost £400 for overseeing the deed of rectification I am shocked and upset that I have to pay costs because of a mistake by the council Can anyone give me any advice, do i need a
  8. Hi I really need some advice I am so worried about all of this I bought a flat a few years ago jointly with my mum and we had problems with tennants not paying and refusing to leave, then i lost my job and we couldn't pay the mortgage Mortgage was with mortgage express they appointed LPA Recievers Walker Singleton - who were useless They said they couldnt find a tennat in almost 18 months, the arrears were building up With the house price fall the flat was only worth 55k but I recived a letter today saying it had been sold for 40k and now I owe another 40k in shortfall
  9. Thank you for your help, ive not been to court and I live in England so I guess I will have to wait Thanks again
  10. is it just council tax or other debts as I know I have never ever had any council tax arrears thanks
  11. My son has rang me at work to tell me that I have just had a phone call from Scott & co at home and I cant think why? I have looked into this and them seem to be in scotland and a sheriff office and I live in England? Does anyone know what this could be for? I am so worried
  12. Thanks fopr your help, is there any way I can check if he has equity in his house?
  13. He was not a limited company and i could not find him registered with companies house. I did contact trading standards and they also wrote to him but he simply did not reply to their letters, they told me to walk away but I feel like I need to do something Thanks for the reply
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