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  1. Looks like the bank didn't file a defence and you've won by default - well done! It's happened a couple of times to my knowledge - if they don't pay up soon you can send in the bailiffs - lol. m4n
  2. Hi Tracy, I sent my reply back on Friday - and rang Alex on Monday to confirm receipt, and asked if the money would be in same day he said it should be. I went to comet on Monday evening and bought myself a Samsung 40" LCD HD TV - a couple of hours after the money had cleared So, if you still haven't had the transfer I would give Alex a ring. Hope that helps. m4n
  3. Well done Genesco, Haven't been on for a few days, sorting funeral arrangements etc. Also have to sort out the letter to courts and copy to Barclays, but as I've been off work I haven't done it yet... Will have to get it sorted today. Congrats again! m4n
  4. Well just checked online banking and... 27/11/2006 Credit £1,930.80 AGREED SETTLEMENT ONE CHURCHILL PLAC So there it is... Could mods please move thread to success! m4n
  5. Great news! Well in my case Alex looked at the schedule and rang me back the next day to say that settlement letter was in the post... Should be in the bank today from what he said in earlier conversation. I would encourage people to ring Barclays with whats been happening recently - I personally think that they've changed their view on this - and the new people they've got in are to clear this backlog of claims. Best of luck to all. m4n
  6. Thanks Tanz, I didn't want this to turn into some depressing thing, but thought I'd mention it since I'd previously mentioned her being poorly in hospital... Thanks to you and everyone for your sympathy - it's really helping me thru =) m4n
  7. Thanks Moz, I appreciate it... We're ok - thanks for thinking about us. xxx Shwan&Kez
  8. Hi Tracy, Glad you got sorted... Alex seems like a nice bloke - I spoke to him today to check that he'd received my settlement letter back. Anyways - congrats =) m4n
  9. In my case Alex looked at the figures the next day and called me, it guess it depends how busy they are. m4n
  10. No the claim doesn't include any court costs from what I've read. So I would say it was under the £1500 barrier. m4n
  11. Thanks all for your sympathy... If you've got a court date I don't think it does any harm in ringing them up...when I spoke to Alex he said straight away that they were going to settle, so its not all the crap about - oh we intend to defend etc. I'm not sure if it makes any difference about the mercantile court, but it doesn't hurt trying does it. The worst that can happen is that they say no, but they'll soon change their mind as the court date looms. m4n
  12. Don't want to bring everyone down - but to those asking about my Mum... She passed away last night under sedation, so it was peaceful. Feeling both sorrow and relief, she's gone thru a lot in the last 8 years - and I know she's in a better place. m4n
  13. Yeah...along with latest schedule of charges, and all the stuff in the court bundle... Mine came in at 100 pages Hope that helps. m4n
  14. Hi Tracy - congrats... I've heard of Alex Martin - conincidentally he called me yesterday also to confirm settlement! \o/ Had my letter this morning too... Well done again! m4n
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