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  1. Barclays' ploy seems to be to drag it out for as long as possible before paying out. However, I assume we are all claiming interest (8%pa) on a daily basis (0.022%) up to date of judgement/settlement. So, my question - Are those receiving full settelment insisting on getting interest up to the day the claim is paid??? If not, I think, they should. Thoughts???
  2. Dont' "hope and pray" . Get another account just in case. Its easier to get a new current account before they close your account than to get one afterwards. And you must asssume that they might just do that as some others have reported account closures. In fact, a representative from Alliance and Leicester on Moneybox specifically said they would close accounts of all claimants who took them to court for bank charges. So be prepared and good luck. Cheers
  3. Copy of defence (as requested by BankFodder above) 1. It is admitted that the Claimant has an account, number xxxxxxx sort code xxxx. To the extent it is alleged that the Claimant incurred bank charges on his account for unauthorised borrowings (whether unpaid fees for returned cheques, paid referral fees or any other such fees), it is admitted that such charges were debited from the claimant's account; however, the defendant puts the claimant to strict proof of each charge and the date thereof. 2.The defendant is entitled to charge the claimant for unauthorised borrowings by reason of
  4. Having received my court allocation questionnaire, I sent KJ an email giving him an opportunity to settle without going to court. I avoided stating any arguments with respect to the claim and included a time limit on the email. That way if he responds, then fine. If not, I continue as normal and I can indicate to the courts that I did try to settle the dispute without going to court.
  5. Well done you guys who have already won. It does spur others on when we share the successes. Cheers.
  6. Yes. That man must be very busy and working all over the UK. He is defending mine too. Court allocation arrived today.
  7. As expected, Barclays filed their standard defence at the very last minute. I was hovering, waiting to click and win by default. But alas.. I guess its court Allocation questionnaire time...
  8. I am absolutely sure they are not winning and I am prepared to go all the way. I have rejected part payment and currently, my claim has been filed and acknowledged. In fact, I will say I am quite looking forward to go to court if it gets that far. But I am curious - Why is it that Barclays claimants are not reporting back???? Claimants from other banks seem to be reporting.
  9. I am seeing lots of cases starting, but I am not seeing "I've won" cases from Barclays. Early claimers - speak up please.
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