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  1. Hey all thanks for the replies, after posting I emailed Argos and have just had a phone call from Customer Services. They are refunding the difference I was made to pay and are ringing the store manager to remind him of the correct procedure. - Result! Thanks again
  2. Hi all, I wonder if anyone can confirm or deny this please. I bought a Nikon camera on 22 July 2014, everything was great until last week (27th Oct) when we were on holiday, the camera would turn on and all functions worked fine except there was nothing on the screen when taking photos and all photos taken were solid black, similar to having the lens cover in place - but it wasn't. Upon returning from holiday I searched for the receipt in order to return it to our local Argos store, whilst I found everything else - box, instructions, CD etc I could not locate the receipt. Lucki
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