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  1. I was not aware of this until I received an email from my housing association landlord saying that they believed I was eligible and that they had sent a letter to the local council on my behalf (and others) so it looks like they have acted on the DWP bulletin and sought info from their own records of who is eligible. I'm just wondering whether I should also write to the local council on my own behalf just to make sure ;-) I am in fact eligible so I'm hoping that a refund is made soon as my daughter has been paying it since I have had no other income to cover it.
  2. But surely if i'm going to get fined £60 by the courts + costs + £15 that amounts to more money than just paying up the £60 fine in the first place and attending the course. Is there any point in fighting this if the end result will cost me more? What about if I just write to them and ask them to look at their equipment again in the hope that they will drop it.
  3. Thanks. No i dont know anyone with a sat nav but can ask around. The green form is a notice of intended prosecution which includes a reply to notice form, a payment of fixed penalty form and an application for speed awareness form. I have to send back one of the forms, either the fixed penalty/speed awareness or the notice to dispute it. I havent accepted the speed awareness or the course, and as yet i've only written a covering letter full of waffle to support my dispute. I will try to find someone with a sat nav though, thanks.
  4. I feel I must disagree with their allegation that I was speeding, because its like admitting to being guilty when i'm not. I'm just not comfortable travelling at 58mph so I know that I wouldnt have been going that speed. Thank you. If I send the form back with a letter saying why i dispute it will it go to court? I cant afford a solicitor, but cant afford the fine either. The green form they sent doesnt have a tick box for me to say why I am disputing it. The only options are for 1) having too many points, 2) not driving it, or 3) disputing that it was my vehicle.
  5. I've just received a speeding fine through the post and its knocked me for a six. I'm a 54 yr old grandmother and I have to be the most annoyingly speed conscious driver on the roads. The one who drives at the speed limit then rants at people who pass me at twice the speed..lol I'm the butt of the family jokes because I insist on driving within speed limits, but truth be told I just dont like to drive at speed cos I like to see whats going on around me and I like to save my petrol. Yes, i'm probably everyone's worst nightmare of a 'Sunday driver'. On the day in question I took my da
  6. gem4

    Abbey - what next?

    Cheque arrived in yesterday's post, with a letter asking me to write to court and withdraw the claim. Think I'll just sit on it a little while longer while waiting for the cheque to clear. Then they'll know how it feels to be ignored.
  7. WOOHOO......WELL DONE KERRIE I told you that you wouldnt be in court either.....lol Wonder whats goin on then, you, me, mad nick all paid up after all this time. Do you reckon someone has had a word? Enjoy! Gem x
  8. Congratulations Nick, you've worked hard enough for it........and thanks for your help with my skeleton argument. On a much smaller scale, they settled mine in full aswell, but no postage or other expenses included. Never mind........at least we won
  9. gem4

    Abbey - what next?

    Lol...kerrie, I dont think you'll even be there yourself
  10. Hi kerry, Just to let you know I had a letter offering full settlement from Abbey yesterday. I sent the skeleton argument off to them and to the court a couple of weeks ago. Before that, on 12th March, I had sent a letter to them, listing the documents and cases I would be referring to in court, and the estimated costs that I would be asking the court to consider at the hearing. The costs came to more than the claim. As usual I heard nothing so emailed James and attached another copy of the letter. Still no response. Then yesterday I had the letter saying they were settling in ful
  11. gem4

    Abbey - what next?

    Just had a letter from Abbey settling in full but a bit puzzled over the wording. ie "...we have now conducted a complete reconciliation of your account and without admission of any liability, Abbey National plc has determined, in this instance, to settle your claim in full...." "...payment is in full and final settlement of your claim...." It includes the charges as claimed, interest as claimed, interest at 8% between claim date and now and £30 court fee....woohoo.......but no mention of my expenses, postage, inconvenience etc. question: does any of the above wording indicate t
  12. gem4

    Abbey - what next?

    Hi, I just sent it off as it was without son's signature. His signature was on the accompanying letter giving me authority to deal with his affairs though so it could have counted for all enclosed documents I reckon.....well, I hope. When I rang the court before doing the skeleton argument they said it wasnt a formal doc and didnt need any special format, as long as it had the claim no. claimant and defendant on it for identification. Discussion with James not taken place yet, I'll get onto it now I'm back from hols.Just need to get by head back into gear.
  13. gem4

    Abbey - what next?

    Hi guys, Sorry for delay, been away for a week. Needed a break after a trying week at work. I havent heard a thing yet from either Abbey or the Court. I sent the skeleton argument to James A and the Court shortly after posting it here, so a good 3 weeks now. I didnt phone him since I'm acting on behalf of my son and I had to get a letter of consent off to him from my son. I sent it at the same time. I think I'll send James another email and if I dont get a reply this time I will phone him as a few weeks have gone since my last email (which got no response ). Gem x
  14. I'm no expert Nick but it just sounds like the usual 'send court bundle' phrased differently. Mine was different, as you know, because they wanted a skeleton argument too, but at least you got a date.......I got a 'date to be set' Good luck anyway, sounds like you're nearly there.
  15. gem4

    Abbey - what next?

    Many thanks Armsoft. James had a letter last week with a deadline of today to settle before I start the expense of the court bundle and I gave him a list of things which I 'may' rely on in court and also giving a 'genuine pre-estimate', of my costs (which doubles the original claim.......lol) There was much more info referred to which I've not included in my skeleton, as well a list of settled litigation, if he required it, courtesy of this site. I added finally that this wasnt my skeleton argument, just a few details for his consideration, and that my skeleton argument would follow shor
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