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  1. For you to sue you would need to prove without doubt that the debt was not yours. Can you do that?
  2. He has no right to charge you fees whatsoever. If the goods were faulty you have the right to reject and receive a full refund. If he wants to talk fees that must be with his supplier not you as his customer. Personally I'd ask once more and then write a lba giving him 7 days.
  3. Daniel, Sorry if I appeared condescending but surely you can see that being two miles away is no distance whatsoever. I'm 3 miles from my gym, 45 miles from my office, 4 miles from a supermarket and none are an issue. That's part of life I'm afraid. If you have anything right on your doorstep you are extremely lucky. If you surveyed 100 people what % do you think would say 2 miles is a long way. Sorry if the answer wasn't what you wanted and that it may have been read in a different way to that it was intended but I was just trying to be factual and honest. Regards BSC
  4. It's 2 miles away - hardly unreasonable and you most definitely have not moved away! Walk, ride, bus, car, etc. - 2 miles is on your doorstep
  5. Not necessarily DX - we don't know for sure if the OP has been making payments to a DCA
  6. I think you were lucky. A larger company with a litigation team would have laughed at your threat of small claims.
  7. Then you need to pay for it. Much as it is unfortunate the transaction was delayed I can't see Asda being responsible for you having insufficient funds to cover it. If it had come out on the right day you wouldn't have had the money anyway. It's not yours to 'get back'
  8. BSC


    Did you buy 'A4' or 'legal' sleeves? Easy mistake to make but 'legal' are smaller
  9. Did you buy the goods on the 5th or are you disputing that the transaction took place?
  10. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall. I'd expect that will have ruined a few people's weekends! Sounds like it will have the desired effect. Your OH is now in the driving seat! Keep us posted.
  11. I'd play that part of the tape at the appeal, sit back and watch the colour drain from their faces. No doubt a compromise agreement would be on the table by the end of the day Depends what you want though, others may suggest keeping your powder dry - I'd be too impatient and want to have some fun with it.
  12. There are several delivery options. Amazon Prime is one and FREE super saver is another. As I said if you read the options it is there. Obviously Prime is more prominent as thats the option they want you to take. But it does also allow you to click through and see what the trial entails.
  13. You do get free delivery though. You just need to read the options carefully.
  14. They will definitely respond better to Payplan or CCCS. My advice is to get them to set up your DMP then go it alone a few months later. It gives you a breath from the stress your bound to be facing and gets you in the habit of making payments, creating budgets, etc. Good luck!
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