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  1. That's what I have done, so let's see how we go. I've been with them for 12 years so I would hope they would wise up a bit.
  2. I must confess I am uncertain over the charges for the first three years and am looking to sort out the outstanding charges I know, i.e the last 3 years. Thye have offered me £80.00 out of £200.00. Is it better to accept £80.00 as partial payment and explain you are still persuing the remainder in a letter before action, or is it better to refuse this offer outright and then persue for the lot + interest? Cheers
  3. Thanks. I got a letter back today offering me £80 out of the £200. I'm going to accept the £80 and then press on for the rest as it is they who clearly do not understand the £12 mentioned by the OFT.
  4. Well, I've been with Barclaycard since I was 18, now 29 and they owe me £200.00 over the last 3 years. I thought it would be better to get this running and then perhaps persue the previous three years separately as the microfiche [problem] seems a real hurdle, that I haven't seen conclusively overcome on here. I have heard back from my initial request suggesting they will get back to me some time before Armageddon, so I'm now sending them the letter before action, the initial 14 days having expired yesterday. I'm taking the standard letter and adding a further line of indignation based on the fact I have been with them a whole 11 years! Let's see how we go.
  5. When you say tried and tested way, what do you mean? I assume this is to pay £10 and then they will dig their heals in until they offer £3 per microfiche. Then what happens? You report them, and do they then cave in or are you forced to pay £3 and hope to reclaim? Sorry if I am overlooking something here, but most of the stories I have read over the last few days are hitting a wall with the microfiche. Thanks
  6. From reading the recent threads, it does appear that there is no definitive way around the microfiche problem with them now receivinginso many requests. I do revert back to my original post stating quite simply how they store my data and how easily it is retrieved should be none of my concern. However, there must come a point where you can estimate how many charges you are likely to have accrued. In the last 3 years I've been hit for £180.00 by Barclaycard and £74.00 by Monument.In this case for instance it is touch and go as to whether I would recoup £108.00 in charges to justify the search. For others this may not be the case. Surely in this case it is worth the gamble for some though. It is annoying that the £10.00 is being surpassed and it does appear they have found a loophole to exploit. However, surely if this went all the way, this would lend further weight to how 'reasonable' we, the customer are, and likewise how unreasonable the Bank has been. It may well be worth adding these excessive retrieval costs then into the final claim on the basis that they should not surpass the £10.00 fee. At present I intend to persue the latest 3 years and then see if we make any progress to obtain the previous three separately without encountering such punitive retrieval fees.
  7. I must confess this is my first post and I am only about to start this whole process with Barclaycard. I will post a separate thread to detail my action. One thing I do not get about the whole microfiche business is this: how should the means by which Barclaycard store their information about me impact my ability to obtain that information? If under the data protection act I am entitled to that information for a maximum fee of £10.00, how easily or difficult they make the job of retrieving the info is surely their problem not mine. If they have chosen an inefficient or illogical means of filing this info, I fail to see how this should impact my rights or means of retrieving it. They know that it may be requested within a reasonable time period and as such they should look to store the data in a more accessable manner. Or is there another point that I am missing?
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