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  1. ok sorry i will try compose a letter and post it up! sorry
  2. thankyou guys! JonCris can you suggest a template letter for me to write to them please..i wouldn't know how to put the words properly? do i say anything about the £160 court costs they might add on?
  3. thnx guys really appreciate your advice..i hope you are all right as i reaally dont have £160 to pay!
  4. hi they have again sent me another letter saying pay up or we will take you to county courts where costs of £160 will be added! The letterhead was different though.. from a Charles Howard and Partners! However i checked the prev letter from commercial collection services and they both have the same address and telephone number???? Seems like its the same company with 2 diff names?? MMM should i hold out or just pay up? What weould everyone do? I mean they have threatened me with county court on 2 occasions now..even if i go to court am i obliged to tell them who the driver was?
  5. Phantom how do i legally tell them that their charge is unenforceable?
  6. hi an update again..very interesting reading above though! they have sent a final letter from commercial collection servies saying that if i dont pay £40 within 48hrs will be added and a county court thingybob will be issued...what shall i do??? I realise its good to fight but i have very little money and i dont want the costs to rise and rise...thnx
  7. well the car is parked elsewhere for the while and its a terraced house so there's nothing else he can do!! The advice seems to be NEVER LET THEM INSIDE!!
  8. blfuk1 if they don't need to enter a property to levy goods how is that possible? They dont know what ive got inside my proerty for example so how does that work??
  9. well they attended today again and dropped another letter thru the door..the 4th one with an increase of £120 again. They have never entered the property so i assume thay cannot levy if im correct? Also just to clear things up and this may help everyone else in this situation..they can charge 1st 2visits but cannot charge anymore unless they actually enter the propert is that correct????
  10. i have told him to take chrismc's advice and to pay the £229 he owes direct thru the city council website which eh ahs done.Also he has written to the equita and sent a copy tro the council re chrges breakdown and ive told him to not let then in as they cannot charge any more after the first 2 visits! ie 22.50 then 16.50 and as long as they dont enter the premises they cannot charge anymore correct??? gruffy hope you get it sorted to!
  11. hi i have been reading thios with interest as a friend is in a dilemna with council tax! he owes council £229 but the total comes to £419 with equiat bailiffs costs..2 diff bailiffs told me 2 diffeent breakdowns of cost but essentailly thay said they charged :1st letter £22.50 then 2nd letter £18.50 then 3rd £120 for a van and £28 for levy?? but they only went to my frinds house this morning and the bailiff only dropped a letter through! I can understand the first 2 costs but whats the £120 and the £28 for? Are they not supposed to do a walking possesion or something before they bring a van??
  12. moderaters i have been very thankful for the advice at the end of the day i am not lying at all! i am simply asking them to PROVE it was me driving..that is not illegal as far as i know and falcon has not told me to lie or anything of the sort
  13. they have just sent me a letter from commercial collection services( a debt collecting agency??) saying i have to pay..should i just write and tell them i simply wasn't the driver and that they can take me to court?? how should i word it and should i send it to the dca or central ticketing? thnx
  14. hi falcon so should i write again or justw ait for them to get in touch again?
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