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  1. Well when i read other posts it stated you only add the interest on when you take them to court. but on your post you stated that you should stop unless you have sent a copy of the charges which i have done but i did not sent them a copy of the interest. Thanks michael you are bein very helpful
  2. Thanks Michael I am confused about the interest bit. does it mateer if i dont claim the interest back
  3. Hi Im Just At The Mcol Stage Any Help Would Be Much Appreciated. As I Dont Want To Screw This Up. My Money Is So Close Yet So Far Away
  4. hi im at the mcol stage any advice for me. Thanks
  5. a work colleague and myself decided to claim back our charges against Natwest. I sent my letter with the schedule of charges to customer relations, Borehamwood and he took his letter to his local branch with no schedule of charges. I got a sod off letter and he was made an offer. It must be a lucky dip or some thing how and when they decide to pay up. im thinking about sending a letter to my local branch and see what reply i get from them.
  6. Cheers. I have read the information there and it seems the most professional way to do it is actually filling in the form and taking it to the courts and not actually using moneyclaimonline as you can add more information. is this true
  7. Had a response yesterday from stuart higley regarding my LBA saying We regret to inform you we have not changed our decision and thank you for informing us of your intentions, we have notified out solictors. Does any one have any advice and tips for filling in the MCOL form
  8. i have read the FAQ thanks People are posting different things saying next step is LBA and others are saying MCOL. So im asking for a little help
  9. i sent them the 1st letter stating how much they owed me and a sheet of the charges. So im still confused what is the next stage?
  10. mikey_ryan

    Help needed

    i received my standard bogof letter yesterday what is the next stage as many people are saying different things is it LBA OR MCOL. Also can anyone recommend a new bank account to open just incase mine gets closed, what is a parchute account
  11. im confused now. I sent the a pre- lim letter asking for the amount back. i had a letter of natwest saying no. so what is the next step LBA OR MCOL
  12. isobel. I go confused what step do i take next thanks
  13. Can some1 help i received a letter form stuart higley i think its the standard bogoff letter, what is the next course of action i need to take?
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