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  1. Ta found it to under the T&Cs
  2. Your a star cheers m8, gonna re do it tomorrow and then I'll mail it thanks!!!
  3. That clears things up a little I hadnt thought about the T&C so thanks for that, I was a little slow there. I don't have full statements, I have half statements from lloyds and half a list of charges but these do include the interest and the date on which it was charged. So in order to calculate interest I have used vamps sheets for if you don't have statements, and entered each charge on the date it occured at the 16% interest which I will change to the appropriate rate once I get hold of T&C info. Edit... Just checked LTSB T&C and their standard OD interest rate is 16.5% and their unauthorised is 29.8%. To that end do I calculate the interest on the charges at the higher rate for the whole period of the account as the charges were only applied when we went over the O/D limit or do I charge them the higher rate just for the period that it took us over the O/D and then revert to the 16.5% for times when those charges remained in the account but we werent over the O/D limit... seems that this could get really intricate and complicated. I am leaning towards the higher rate because that would have been applied immediately the charge was added, but i do not have enough knowledge to know if this higher rate is continually added to a charge even once you come back within the O/D limit. My brain is gonna explode I appreciate your time and help Glenn ... once I have the N1 done would it be ok to mail it to you for the once over just to make sure I got it right??
  4. Thanks for your thoughts, you always seem to throw up lots of questions glenn . I have asked if anyone knows LTSB overdraft excess interest rate but had no replies I tried finding it out myself on the web but with no joy. I am a little hazy on the contractual interest and compounding, I did use vamps cracking spreadsheet to work out the figures But are we defining contractual as being compounded interest. This area is still very difficult to understand... and I may not have explained myself properly. I know to claim the charges, I know I want the interest on the charges until the point the account was closed at whatever that rate is which I am still trying to find out. I then beleive that that total figure from account closure to date should be subject to an interest rate because the bank has my money and I don't (is this the contractual bit?). I just want to be really sure I have my ducks in a row here and I think I may have read too many threads on here as I am getting more confused.:?
  5. I am persuing two accounts with LTSB, both of which are now closed. The first account was closed with an OD balance which transfered to the new account initially. The final account was closed in May 05. I am claiming the following and want to ensure I have got it right. Bank Charges totalling £527.50 Plus interest on those charges at an arbitary 16% OD interest rate which comes to £393.99 until the account was closed. and this is next bit is where I am a little hazy... at this point the account was closed and passed to debt collection. As this is money I haven't got which the bank took do I a) continue claiming 16% interest from date of closure until filing N1 under the principle of mutuality and reciprocity or b) claim 8% under section 69 from date of closure until filing N1. (Or have I misunderstood that I can only claim 8% from date of filing until court) It will vastly affect my value section when filing the N1 and I really want to get this right and definately dont want anything being thrown back by the bank or the court. I thought about MCOL but there just isnt enough room for things I need to say!
  6. Got a call from Gareth Tniicliffe MBNA today and they are issuing a cheque for £526.06 to cover a full refund!. Feels like a real result, as soon as the cheque clears I'll make a donation! Just lloyds to do which I think will go to court.
  7. I submitted my claim to lloyds but didnt put in the overdraft interest charge as it was really difficult to calculate even with the spreadsheets as the account has been closed now for 18 months and I couldn't figure what the actual interest rate was. So I have a few questions: 1) Does anyone know the LloydsTSB interest rate for overdrafts? 2) Having not mentioned it in my initial claim and schedule of charges to Lloyds can I legitimately bring it now on my money claim form - I noticed that even at 8% its an extra couple a hundred squid. Thanks
  8. I had two accounts with Lloyds that are now at the stage where there is only 4 days left until I issue court proceedings do I have to put in two seperate claims one for each account or can I bundle it in one claim on an N1??
  9. Thanks again for the reply Bookworm, going to go with an N1 I think, based on a a couple of other threads on here. As the accounts were opened in england, albeit we now live in Scotland and that LLoyds TSB main head office is in England, I know they have a big office in Scotland too but the basis of the accounts in England I hope will swing it. Thanks for your help tho!!
  10. Thanks for that got a bit confused there as I have just got an agreement out of MBNA for six years. Thanks for keeping me straight!! But one other but ... I live in scotland now but the accounts were opened and held in england as thats where I was living when the charges started occuring so albeit I now live up here and was when the latter charges occured can I still go back 6 years??
  11. Is it 6 years from the date you serve the court papers or from initial calim. Personally I am starting my claim from Feb 00 running until sep 95 when I closed my account. Can I use these dates or do I need to go from Sep 00 as that would be 6 years back from now. Cheers peeps
  12. 01244 672628 or [email protected] address is the same as on your letter from Rachel - hope it helps.
  13. Bevo after the initial letter when she sent the charges I persued her for full statements and never heard anything back from her, even after the court action letter over the data protection act. Hence why I went straight to Gareth today .. the impression I got from him although not in so many words was that she should have replied if she had recieved the letters and there is no reason to beleive she didn't but that she would get a rocket up her ass. I would go straight to Gareth either by phone, email or letter or all three. I beleive you may get the best result. As I put in my post I hadnt even sent a prelim asking for the charges refunded yet, I was just after full statements but he agreed on the phone to refund the lot. As I put though it may be I just got lucky!! Hope it works out for you!!
  14. Guys, thanks to you and a little more effort I appear as though I will get a result from MBNA and something extra!! I had problems with Rachel Claridge Customer Advocate Dept Manager MBNA and gettting my S.A.R - (Subject Access Request), in that they only supplied a list of charges not full statements but also threw me 10 left by supplying a cheque for £210 as full and final settlement in the same letter as my list of charges. I sent the other Data Protection Act Letters as per the forums but heard nothing back and thought I would ring Gareth Tunnicliffe today before commencing court action just to ensure the letters had arrived and give them one last chance over the phone to say that they would send the statements. Gareth explained that it would take 10 days to get the statements sorted and that he was more than happy to do that but if I was content that the list of charges supplied was correct as it is stripped directly from their data base then he would arrange for a cheque to be sent on Monday after he calls me again to confirm exactly how much the refund is. P.S. I must stress that I don't claim this is the way that a claim should be done, people must follow the laid down procedures in the forum!! I just thought people would want to know about the interest charges and that MBNA were very keen to sort the issue as swiftly as possible - think we may be taking up lots of their time and they are feeling it!! He is refunding my total charges back to 2003 when I opened the account at base £420 charges + interest at 24.9% from the date of each charge plus compound interest on the charges as they apply that on the statement as well. I think it comes in at over £600 I am getting back but can't fathom the exact figure myself. Oh and the above is without even a prelim letter or anything sent yet - think I have been lucky!! I feel like its a real result. Kudos to Gareth for taking the bull by the horns and he is well worth speaking to to resolve your issue early. Can't thank people enough for their help on here just gotta sort Lloyds now. Once I get my cheque I will make a donation!!!
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