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  1. This topic was closed on 11 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. i was looking into this also got some very good advice from a company called prize home try emailing them on info@prizehome.co.uk i did have a number, but cant find it
  3. this was my point exactly. This thread seems to make out that this "loophole" was another nail in the coffin of consumer rights. When in fact the point had been totally missed and most had read the sensationalist headline in the tabloids and over exaggerated. I will say it again, this is method of enforcing judgments, not securing unsecured debt, Although this is a possible use of a charging order, Its nothing new, and its nothing to got up in arms about as it could have been used by credit card companies for years, When it hasnt other than as a last resort and in only a very f
  4. But the courts do take this into account, they will only make a debtor pay what they can afford. And from my experiance creditors would rather make a payment plan with a debtor, than getting a CCJ. You have got this all wrong, charging orders are not a method or securing unsecured loans, they are a method of securing a county court judgment against a asset, as a last resort. how many ccj do you think relate to unsecured loans? Now how many do you think relate to other issues, such as unpaid invoices, Civil disputes, unpaid tax etc. Charging orders have been around fo
  5. Look there is nothing different that is going to happen, instead of getting a ccj then, applying for a charging order when the ccj is not paid Now the charging order will be automatic What about all the small businesses in the UK which are due thousands of pounds in unpaid consumer debts, Should they not be allowed to secure this debt, on an unpaying debtors assets The argument seems to be that why should a unsecurred debt become a secured debt. Its rubbish, all debts are secured, The only difference, is when loan providers give you a securred load they know you have asset
  6. There is an easy way to avoid this happening to you Make sure you pay your loans off, as per the credit agreement why should charging orders not be made if you fail to pay your debts loans are not free money, they have to be paid back
  7. i would have broken the terms if i bought 2, but i bought 1, Please explain how i have broken the terms. Or why you define all users of an ip address to be an individual. The loss is due to the fact that i have now bought the print for £2000, £1500 more than it should have cost me had the shop met their contractual obligations Is this contract law not right
  8. I was revisiting this subject as last time i did not really get any definate answer, just alot of unhelpful feedback so i thought i would simplify the issue to try and explain the situation better, so someone might be able to give me help i didnt expect the unhelpfull feedback again, I thought this site was here to help people like me, I have read some other thread on loss of bargain, and non of the other users have got this type of negative feedback, they have has usefull information that probably helped them If no one is willing to give any genuine help, please dont respond
  9. I am thinking about making a claim for loss of bargain for a banksy art print i bought I would like to find some case law regarding loss of bargain and if i would be successful Story in short 1 I bought, paid for, received email confirmation for a limited edition art print by banksy. The print was limited to an edition of 500 and the online gallery i bought the print from assigned a specific print number after i paid. the price paid was 500 gbp The prints were only available for about a min or 2, online, before they all sold out, the gallery only sold 500 as each print i
  10. so when do we hear about this then?? when do they normally release the information?
  11. If i can do the same as these companies for free myself, what is the simplified process? Why can i find no simple guides on how to do this anywhere? because each case is different and will require different approaches depending on what is wrong with the agreement and what arguments the other side use. but would a simplified guide not be a good starting point rather than reading through the many many case studies? why is no one talking about the unfair relation ships? Are you serious? I thought you said you had searched the site for a few hours. Go to the "Search" but
  12. from advice guide regarding unfair relationshipd Unfair credit agreements If you take out a loan, or enter into any other type of credit agreement, you can make a complaint if you think any aspect of the agreement is unfair. For example, you might think your credit agreement is unfair because: * you have been charged interest at an exceptionally high rate * the creditor gave you wrong or misleading information, or didn't give you enough information when you were deciding whether to take out the loan * the creditor failed to make a proper assessment of whether the
  13. is there a summery thread, regarding the process? i have looked but can not find the basic process i could read all 600 odd pages , but it would be useful for other members also to have a sumery of the process thanks for the help i did try calling that company as o n their site it states "How much does it cost We work on a no win no fee basis, even if you win it will cost you nothing." this implies that they do not take a percentage
  14. Just wanted a consumer of what the situation is with unfair credit agreements I have been searching for info on this site for a few hours and and a bit confused as what the current situation is Just a few questions would help If a credit agreement is technically unenforceable, is it required to get a judge to confirm this? I have seen companies offering free no win no fee services to do this, why should i not just use one of these companies? these companies do not charge a penny, i recieve 100%, will not link site but they are in uk Real Claims If i can do the same as
  15. this company say thay will do it for free on a no win no fee basis is it worth using them?? Real Claims: Wipe clean PPI, Miss Sold and Unenforceable Loans, Credit Cards if i have not got to pay a penny and they have to do all the work it win win, isnt it has anyone used them all other companies i have found charge a fee of arount 200-500 just to look at your claim am a bit unsure though as unless it goes to court how do they get paid???
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