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  1. Hi guys, I had a thread about this issue previously, but have lost it. Just want to clarify something as I know due to recent court cases, the CCA enforcibility goalposts have moved slightly. I CCA'd Littlewoods in November 08, and in December 08 they sent me a letter categorically stating that they are "Unable to locate a copy of my executed agreement, however for my information we enclose a current copy" and enclosed was a blank CCA agreement which was unsigned and undated. When I asked aboutt his at the time I was advised it was not worth the paper it was written on and to tell Littlewoods to take a hike. I done this and haven't heard anything from them, until I recieved a letter today from MacKenie Hall (DCA) wanting money! Littlewoods have stated the account was opened on the 25/10/03, so would come under the CCA 1974, and not the post 2004 agreements. Is the agreement ligitimate, or cal I tell MacKenzie Hall that Littlewoods haven't replied to my CCA of November 08 and go away until they do? Thanks for you help guys!
  2. Hi all, I've not visited in a while, but have recently sent a CCA request to Littlewoods in relation to an account which I am currently paying to NDR. The Littlewoods account number started with an "N", and the new NDR account number stars with a "J". I sent a request for the current account which is the "J" account and recieved a signed credit agreement for the "N" account. The agreement for the "N" account looks fine in that it shows all my details, signature etc, however a few things bother me... Number one, the account number is completley wrong for a start. Number two, the ciovering letter states that "This is not an interest bearing account", and the agreement sent shows an interest rate of 26.424%. Also, I currently pay NDR £45 per month, but the agreement is for 155 weekly payments of £9.46. The covering letter also states the account number I have asked for details of, with "Original Account number" next to it :-s On the agreement, the "N" account number is clearly shown below where I have signed my name, however someone has scribbled the "J" account number on the top right hand side! This was NOT me! I am unsure of how to attack this one! has anyone had any experience of such a letter from littlewoods/NDR? Is there another thread relating to this type of issue that I can read? Here are two links to the pictures which I have taken of the letter. http://www.proterra.myby.co.uk/lw1.jpg http://www.proterra.myby.co.uk/lw2.jpg Thanks in advance for any help you guys can offer. It's much appreciated... My dog likes eating mail BTW!
  3. Sorry, I meant to add: I know for a fact this guy is "genuine" in that he is definetley collecting of behalf of the creditor.
  4. My mum had a visit from a Debt Collector who left a card with "EOS Solutions" on it, and a number to contact him. Anyway, to cut a long story short, he came back one day and she gave him payments and all the rest, however, when she aksed for ID he showed a card saying "Scott & Co". As he left, he gave her another card with EOS Solutions :-s Anyway, long story short, I phoned EOS and they do have this guy working for them, hwoever apparently he does some freelance work, and my mums account is NOT with EOS. I googled Scott & Co, and they have never heard of this guy in their whole life. Question: Do I have a right, under some act or another to get this guys address, as frankly I am going to make a HUGE big stink about this. I've read through the OFT document number 664 (Debt Collection Guidelines) and although it skirts around them having to tell you who they are and who they work for, it dosen't specify a right to this guys address, if indeed he is "freelancing" (even if he is, he is pretending to work for Scott & Co) I assume this guy will be covered by the OFT Guidelines? Thanks!
  5. Mike, RMA are absolute ****. I couldn't no matter what get them to go away. I sent them the "Harrasement by Telephone" letter, I sent them SAR's, CCA Requests, I got my local branch of the TS involved when they ignored all my letters, and unbelievably, they ignored TS's letters as well. They just keep calling and calling and calling. I got rid of them by sending a SAR to Littlewoods directly, and basically shone the light upon Littlewoods telling them that I considered the account to be in dispute, and if they did not call of RMA I would hold them accountable, if indeed they did sell the account to them. All calls/letters/postcards stopped THE NEXT DAY. I can only assume that the companys employing these scumbags know what they are like. I am still sorting my account out with Littlewoods, but rest assured, I have a batch of letters and phone call times/dates and official complaints will be flying once I'm done! Best of luck with it, and keep us informed.
  6. Can I borrow a bit of this thread please? LOL! I strted one THERE about claiming a higher rate of interest. I'm not very mathematical though, so a quick question. Is the higher rate of interest claimed using the "Simple Spreadsheet"? I wouldn't be able to work out the second rate! Best of luck to us all!
  7. Thanks for the reply! I was thinking about firing everything through at 26%, as its up to them to dispute it anyway isn't it? The interest rate dropped last year as I had to set up a payment plan on the card because I couldnt pay it due to their charges. I also have a default on my credit file due to this card, which I will hopefully get removed. I am putting in the paragraph about the default removal in the Prelim letter anyway, see how it all pans out. Thanks for the help!
  8. Hi all, I've got all my statments from Barclaycard and am trying to fill in the spreadsheet with all the charges, however it occured to me that I should be charging Barclaycard 26% as that is what they charged me. I was fairly happy with this plan, until I noticed that I have 4 charges on my account that were on a reduced interest rate of 12%. Any tips/advice on what I should do here? I really don't want them to get away with not paying the interest, because they have ripped me off over the years and left me with a lovley default (which I also plan to have removed) Many Thanks.
  9. I'm not really a force to be recokoned with, and frankly, I don't have a clue what I'm doing. I'm really just making it up as I go along, but it's getting me places! The statments recieved yesterday, are only for the Littlewoods card, and of course due to the whole microfiche thing, there are loads missing, but I've still managed to calculate £400 in charges from the statments recieved. I'm going to send a letter today giving them 7 days in which to fully comply or its court time. This will be for both accounts, including all microfiche data. They've actually had way too much time on this now. I sent the SAR in Januray!!!
  10. Just had a text to say that a load of statments covering two card accounts arrived this morning, along with a "We can't supply due to microfiche" letter... This is going to be fun
  11. Hi all, Just thought I'd let you all know that after winning some money from HBOS I'd go after Barclaycard. I had two Barclaycards (well, one an actual Barclaycard, and another was a Littlewoods Visa). Both had a small credit limit of around £300 each. I paid off the Littlewoods one last year, in full before I found out about these charges, but the other is sitting with a balance of about £589 (with a credit limit of £300, go figure!) So, the barclaycard got sent to mercers Debt Collections (part of barclaycard), and I was paying about £30/month to them, but stopped when I found out about the chrges (maybe shouldnt have, but did), so they sent it to RMA (outside collections agency) and I told them to stick it, wrote them letters telling them to stop contacting me as I had sent away a SAR, and the account was legally in dispute etc. They wouldnt stop, so i phoned Barclaycard, who were actually helpful and stopped RMA from chasing me. This was all back in January. Got two letters about a fortnight ago. One from barclaycard, and another from littlewoods. Identical letters, with a different logo at the top, saying it was going to take them longer than the 40 legal days to reply, bla bla bla. I ignored them, and though, well as long as I get them, I don't care. Yesterday, I got a letter from none other than CABOT!!!!! Included was a letter from barclaycard saying "We have sold your debt, good day!". I went absolutley balistic. I was fuming. In fact, words could not, and cannot describe how livid I was. Picked up the phone, dialled Barclaycard, and got some guy on the end of the phone. I litterally said "I want the DP team". He said he could help (which was probably a mistake, LOL!) I just started shouting like a man possessed about the account being "In Dispute", and "40 legal days". Eventually I gave the guy my account number, and he said he'd look into it. I was still ranting and raving, shouting "Oh, its fine for you to flout the law by sending me a letter asking for more time, but I need to pay the balance to CABOT!" So..... He said he'd phone me back today... Can you believe he actually did!? He said I will hear no more from Cabot, and if I do, I have to contact him immediatley. He also said, that when i recieve my statments, which *will* be within a week I have to phone him to discuss the charges. (I won't though, I'll just go the normal route) All this has me thinking though... Im being way too soft here. I could have chased them ages ago for the statments, and I could probably take them quite a long way on sending the account to Cabot, especially with the stupid letter telling me what they've done!!! I'm going to see how it pans out though!!! Feels better to spout all this in here, letting off steam... No one else understands what I'm talking about, LOL!!!
  12. RMA have left a message on my mobile phone voicemail every single day for the past two weeks. Each one is a recording of someone saying "You are being called by RMA, please call back on 0870..." Nice try, but if they think I'm going to pay them to talk to them, they are mistaken. I have their geographical number, but Im not using it, as I am not communicating with them by phone. I have instead sent a DPA request to Littlewoods who the Visa was with and asked for a copy of absolutley everything they have. Might as well get my £10 worth (although I'll get it back!) Because the Littlewoods card was actually a Barclaycard, I stuck my Barclaycard number on the same letter LOL! That should shut RMA up for at least 40 days (Or at least if they do try anything, I'll tell them its in dispute and they can go and jump), the charges on both acounts will more than clear any balance on the card anyway, so I probably wont hear anything more form them.
  13. I dont want financial compensation! I just want to let them know I mean business and wont be fobbed off, and lets face it, maybe if someone takes them to court, and dosent just make threats about laws then they might listen when others send these types of letters, or verbally ask them to stop calling!
  14. Can anyone confirm this, and tell me how to go about it? I now have two voicemails on my phone from them, two days in a row asking me to call them. Thus far I have been unable to record any calls, and havent kept a diary, exactly, but they have phoned every signle day since I asked them not to. I hope they keep leaving voicemails, once I have four or five, I would like to go further with it. TIA Andy
  15. Is there a template letter for this, or shall i just invent one myself. Im not the best at writing letters, I tend to ramble LOL!
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