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  1. Agree a very nice order. I have a directions of hearing in March, based on the Lincoln Court letter I wonder if it's sending a letter to the district judge quoting this before hand? PS. I "googled" Mullen-VHackney London Borough Council (1997)2 A11ER 906, but got nothing back, any idea where I can see this authority in more detail please?
  2. Hi Kazzaw, what was the outcome when the deadline (18th) passed? Also I have received of Notice of Directions hearing for March 2007 - vs. Barclays Do you know if I will be able to quote this ruling "i.e. The Court of its own motion is considering striking the Defence out as an abuse of process on the basis that it has settled all previous claims of this nature etc..."......thanks in advance for any advice given?
  3. Prelim letter sent 07/08/2006 (didn't need Data Protection Act since all statements on line) for £764.48, "without prejudice" reply sent back 10/08/2006 offering £581.40 (75%), Wow very quick response (is this a record?). Question: What's the legal definition for "without prejudice" and what's the downside of accepting an offer of this kind (forgetting the 25% difference of course) please?
  4. Hi.....greeting to all, my first post to this excellent action group...got a letter from FD making a "Without Prejudice" full and final settlement payment of about 75% of my claim, does anyone know the legal definition for this please? Thanks in advance....
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