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  1. They have said they will be closing the account. I have other accounts so there are no problems there. Thanks for the replies.
  2. Out of interest when the bank says we will close your account after settlement, is this lawful? How about if you want to keep the account.
  3. I have just received £1399 from Nationwide. I would like to thank this consumer group and all those that have replied to my queries over the past few weeks. It does work if you follow the correct procedures. Thank you again. I will be making a donation to this site.
  4. Thanks again Tigs33. If everyone was as helpful as you and this website, the world would be a better place.
  5. Question. I have calculated 1399 by 8% which is £1534.57, now how do I do the daily date at 0.00022.
  6. Thank you thank you. I really do appreciate your help.
  7. Yes, do I put that amount on the online application.
  8. I am puttin in a claim when do I claim interest from?
  9. Thank you, I will keep you updated.
  10. I have received the second letter having stated that I will file a claim if not met with a satisfactory response etc.... The letter says "No refund", but if you are not happy write to financial Omnibusman....you have 56 days or file will be closed" I then receive third letter. "Your complaint has gone to Member Relations Manager who has 8 weeks to deal with complaint, you will have the findings of the investigation by 15th September". What should I do next? Should I wait for findings or conitnue with the online claim application? Need help, thanks.
  11. Thanks will keep you posted.
  12. Having put together the unfair charges letter togther with the excel sheet breakdown of charges, I received a letter which said "we will not be refunding charges..". The letter went into transparency the bank has about charges and details of tariffs are in your leaflet etc..Is this a standard reponse? They also said if I'm not happy I can complain using the enclosed leaflet. Do I ignore this and send the 'letter before action' instead with the 8% charges? Thank you in advance for any help given. I realise the next steps commit you, so I need to make sure I am doing this right. Cheers
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